Mamledar Missal

Ever since I was a kid, the names Missal and Mamledar have been tossed around together but for some reason or the other I never got a chance to drop by. So finally about a week ago, my friends and I decided to try out this “Legendary” Missal Restaurant.

As I stepped in with high expectations and my mouth all set for the fireworks, as I heard they serve some of the spiciest Missal out there. The ambiance was quite average and a bit congested for my liking, but its an old and popular place, so no complaints there.The service was quick, and my dish was served in a couple of minutes. At first sight the Missal seems quite explosive with its deep red color. Filled with excitement, I took a bite, with caution just in case it’s too spicy but sadly that was not the case. It is spicy but nowhere close to being the spiciest Missal. We ordered a few glasses of Lassi to douse the flames.





The Lassi was quite average and there was nothing exceptional about the Missal but a nice meal overall.

Pros : Missal has good taste.

Cons : Not as spicy as expected, lassi was quite average and ambiance can get quite claustrophobic.

  • Location : Talav Pali, Thane West.

  • Cuisine : Maharashtrian Food, Street Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.250 (approx)


Mamledar Misal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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