ChillPapi, Sakinaka

Finally a place to satisfy those late night hunger pangs! ChillPapi is a late night only delivery kitchen that delivers food at your doorstep from 11pm to 4am, in Sakinaka and its neighboring areas. Being someone who orders food at home quite often, ChillPapi is quite the savior as most restaurants in my area do not deliver after 11pm.

I tried out their food recently and it was quite delicious. The delivery was quick, the food neatly packed and it most importantly it arrived hot. Some of the dishes I tried out were,

Mac & Cheese Peperoncino – Creamy and delicious, loaded with cheese. The spicy masala sprinkled on top gave a nice kick to the dish.


The Eggslut Burger – This burger was huge, but sadly this was the only dish that disappointed me. The giant patty overpowered the mild flavors of the egg. Could definitely use some tweaking.


Chili Spaghetti with Cottage Cheese Burrito – Quite unusual fillings for a Burrito, but it was delicious. My favorite dish of the lot. Spicy, flavorful and filling. Just what you need in the middle of the night.


Nachos – Another nice dish and definitely something that I would love to have when those late night hunger pangs kick in. The spicy flavors of the nachos are well-balanced out with the sweet and savory cheese sauce served along with it.


Oreo Crumble Frappe – While I loved the flavors of this drink, I feel it needs to be consumed quickly after its made or else starts to form a layer of cream on the top. Another drink that could use a quick fix.


Overall, I loved the food they served and I would surely order again. Worth a try!

  • Location : Sakinaka, Andheri East.

  • Cuisine : Fast Food (Home Delivery)

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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Mockingbird Cafe, Churchgate

Mockingbird Cafe it located in probably one of the best spots in the city, on the road that connects Churchgate Station to Marine Drive. At night, this stretch of road is no less than heaven. Even the interiors is nice and cosy, the staff here is friendly and  even the owner was very keen on describing his dishes. A sign of a good restaurant.

I had visited this restaurant during the Hummus Festival, last November but didn’t get a chance to write about it. We started off with their Thai Hummus with Focaccia which was light and flavorful. A good start to our meal.

Next we ordered a couple of starters, Chili Garlic Calamari & Prawns, Pork Ribs, Mix Seafood Baguettes and Chicken Chimichurri Baos. The Calamari & Prawns were perfectly fried and served alongside a spicy mayonnaise dip. The Pork ribs were slightly small but delicious. The Seafood Baguettes were loaded with toppings and definitely worth a try for any seafood lover. Chicken Baos were tender and delicious, though the flavor could have been a little stronger.

Quite impressed by their seafood, we decided to stick with it for our main course as well and ordered a Classic Fish & Chips and a Lemon Coriander Rawas. The Fish and Chips were light and delicious, served with a mayonnaise dip. However the Rawas was heavenly, the Lemon Sauce was to die for. Strongly Recommended dish!

We also tried out a couple of their Coolers and Ice Teas, the Summery Melon, Ginger Minger and Peach Ice Tea, all off which did their job of cleansing our palate perfectly! Nice, light and refreshing.

Finally for desserts we tried out their Vanilla Pana Cotta and Chocolate Fudge. Both of which were nothing less than perfect. A fitting end to a great evening.

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  • Location : Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate.

  • Cuisine : Cafe & Italian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

Summer House Cafe, Lower Parel

Summer House Cafe, just as the name suggests is like a rustic home away from home, where you can unwind and relax with friends. The ambiance inside is huge and beautifully designed. To make things better, they even had a live band performance on the night of my visit. Even the service was polite and friendly, the manger too was keen on explaining his dishes to us. Just Perfect!


To beat the summer heat, we began with a round of coolers and tried out the Watermelon Mint Smash and a Yuzu Pineapple Smash. While the watermelon was a bit too mild for my taste, the yuzu with its bitter-sweet and sour taste was spot on refreshing

For starters we tried out the Seafood Basket, Seafood Platter, Golden Fried Bacon Crisps, Char Grilled Tandoori Chicken and their staff recommended Bacon Wrapped Sausages. The Seafood Basket had Deep Fried Calamari Strips, Zesty Fish Fingers and Popcorn Shrimp, the shrimp being the best of the lot. The Seafood Platter had similar preparations but the shrimp was replaced with Cumin and Mint Fish Tikka.

Golden Fried Bacon Strips were deep fried strips of bacon that just crumble in your mouth, Sinfully Delicious! The Grilled Tandoori was quite nice too, huge chunks of Charred Spicy Chicken that goes well with a dash of Lime. The Bacon Wrapped Sausages was by far the best dish of the day, soft and tender with a delicious glaze of BBQ Sauce.

Almost stuffed with starters we went for a round of Smoked Ribs and Pan Seared Sole for our main course. The Ribs were heavenly, soft, tender and delicious. The Pan Seared Sole was even better, cooked in a delicious Butter Garlic Sauce and served alongside creamy Potato Mash and Sauteed Veggies. Strongly Recommended!

Dessert was nothing less than perfect either, we went for the Ultimate Banoffee Pie and their Tiramisu. While the Pie was quite heavy because of the rich toffee sauce, the Tiramisu was very light with a kick of Old Monk. A perfect end to a perfect night!

The Drinks we tried out here were Summer House LIIT, Made in the City, Pineapple Express and Rich Dog, all of them were quite nice but they could have been a little stronger as the flavors were diluted by the amount of ice in them.

Overall, Summer House Cafe is a treat for all your senses and a must visit place to just kick back and relax!

  • Location : Todi Mill, Lower Parel.

  • Cuisine : American & Italian.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2500 (approx)

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Brewbot, Andheri

I may not be a big fan of beer but I do like trying out different flavors and styles of beer, speaking of which, I always wanted to visit Brewbot to try out their home-brewed beers.  I finally visited this place about a week ago for their Sunday Brunch Menu.


We started off with a round of their Assorted Mezze which was Hummus,  Pita bread, Cheese and Cold Cuts. It was light and delicious, most of all, a great accompaniment for their home-brewed beers.

Botwork Orange, Skywalker, Outcider, Floating Head, Mystery Pale Ale and Black Mamba, might seem reminiscent of old Hollywood movies but that’s what this microbrewery names its craft beer. While Black Mamba(stout) was my main attraction to this place, I ended up liking Outcider(apple cider) the most.

Just like their beer, the ambiance too seemed reminiscent of the past with its rustic look and music from the 80’s and 90’s, which was quite delightful.

For starters we had their Disco Fries, Cottage Cheese Phyllo rolls, Potato Bravas, Red Harissa and Peri Peri Chicken Skewers. The fries were my favorite of the lot, while I loved the taste of the Potato Bravas, it had way too much oil. The Chicken Skewers on the other hand were very average.

Next we tried out their Pizzas, which looked delicious but as they say, looks can be deceiving. the Green Day Pizza looked great, but  was quite bland. The Chupa Cabra was much better though.

Coming to mains, which was the best course of the day. We ordered Eggs Benedict, Veg Paprikash, Pan Seared Basa and Grilled Steak.  The Eggs were nice and light just like the Paprikash. The Basa was delicious and the Grilled Steak had a nice flavor to it but sadly it was chopped up and not served as a whole steak. The last dish we tried out was the best of all, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. It was so tender and delicious that wouldn’t mind coming back just to have this one dish.

For desserts we had Stout and Chocolate Brownie, Stout Chocolate Waffles and a few scoops of ice cream, all of which were quite disappointing.

Apart from beers, brewbot also serves a couple of alcohol infused smoothies and cocktails with their Sunday Brunch menu. While the smoothies are good, they didn’t have any taste of alcohol in them. Whereas the cocktails were phenomenal, some of the best I have ever had. Amazing flavor and packed with a punch. We tried out the Red Wedding, Crackberry, Peachy, White Russian, Ambitious and Whiskey Sour. All of which were amazing, Peachy and Red wedding were my favorites.

  • Location : Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Mediterranean, Italian, American and European.

  • Cost : Rs.2000 for 2 (approx)

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Masala Library, BKC

I have visited several amazing restaurants in Mumbai, and then I visited Masala Library which was by far the best out of them all, so much so that I may fall short on words to describe how extraordinary my experience here was. On my visit, I was filled with a lot of excitement and sky-high expectations as I had heard several positive reviews of this place, and it surely lived up to them all.

As you step in, the ambiance does feel very inviting and warm. The tables are set up beautifully with wine glasses and the staff is quite friendly too. I loved the way the they change the table setting after every course and the way they explain each and every dish down to the last detail. Quite a treat for any food lover.

We started of with a couple of House Specialty Cocktails, all of which had some or the other use of spices in them. Their Masala Library Margarita was not only my favorite of the lot but also the best Cocktail I have ever had. I consists of whole spices perfectly flambeed in Tequila that actually improves the flavor of the drink.
Just a sip of it, and I had my Ratatouille Moment.

We tried out the chefs tasting menu, which is a fixed menu of five different courses with several rounds of amuse bouche served in between these courses . The dishes we tried out were as follows,

– Amuse Bouche – Thandai Shot and Maska Pav

A nice way to ready your palate for the exciting courses to come.

– Course 1 – Soup

Steamed Patrani Macchi with Lemon Coriander Shorba, served along with salted Edamame beans – mildly spiced, the was fish perfectly tender and flavorful and the edamame beans complimented the flavor of the soup.

– Course 2 – Salad

Prawns spiced with curry leaf and pepper, served along with banana chips and thayir sadam(curd rice) – Tender, juicy and packed with flavor, the most amazing prawn dish ever, the spiciness of the prawn is well balanced with the sweet and sour curd rice which you eat with the banana chips as spoon.

– Course 3 – Starters

Galawat Kebab – A really tiny dish, and again, the best piece of kebab I have ever had, spicy and tender. Served along with varqi paratha whose sweetness compliments the spicy kebab.

Bacon Wrapped Tandoori Morel – After the best prawns and kebabs, it was time for the best slice of bacon, served along with a deep fried lotus stem. Absolutely delicious.


Piri Piri Chicken Tikka – A large juicy chunk of perfectly spiced chicken served with raita and a slice of pink ginger that just made the dish come alive.


Pan Seared Scallop – I have always wondered what scallops taste like, its soft and tastes similar to shell-fish. The peanut salad dressing gave it an Indian flavor.

Braised Mutton Chaap – Glazed with Maple and Kokum syrup, this succulent mutton rib had a very unique taste and the knife cut through it like butter. Perfect!

– Amuse Bouche – Sorbet


Mishti Doi Popsicles – Sweet and tangy, it did help to wash away the flavors from the starters and prepared the palate for the main course.

– Course 4 – Main Course

Pan Seared Rawas – Served alongside sauteed Crab and Spinach. The spice sprinkled on the fish was just mind-blowing, lip smacking and spicy, it went well with the bitterness of the Spinach and the sweetness of the Basa. Another perfect combination of flavors and textures.


Kashmiri Chili Duck – Tangy and Spicy, and the first time I tried out duck. Quite delicious.

Dal Bhukara – Served as a side dish, this was the only dish from the entire menu that I found quite average and could have been better.

Tadke Wali Dahi – After trying out the best preparations of meat, this was the best version of Boondi Raita that I have had. Spiced with Curry leaves and simply delicious.

Selection of Rotis – The rotis too were quite nice, however nothing compared the madness of flavors that I had just experienced. They even had kulchas stuffed with prawn Balchao, which was quite interesting.

– Course 5 – Desserts


Ras Malai Tres Leches – A very photogenic dish that tasted even better, soft and tender Rasmalai, floating in a pool of delicious Saffron Milk. Quite a large portion.
Jalebi Caviar served with Saffron Foam and Rabdi – Enough Said! A perfect ending to an amazing dinner.

– Amuse Bouche – Childhood Memories

Paan flavored Cotton Candy, perfectly blended flavors and a nice mouth freshener to end the night with.

Masala Library may be expensive but it it’s definitely the finest of fine dining restaurants that will leave you satisfied and wanting for more. Strongly recommended!

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  • Location : Citibank Building, BKC.

  • Cuisine : North and South Indian

  • Cost : Rs.7000 for 2 (approx)

The Junkyard Cafe, Bandra

The first thing that will catch  your attention at this place is the beautifully sculptured artwork on the walls. It’s almost like Michelangelo came back to life to design it, its second to none and I could spend hours just admiring it.

Along with an amazing ambiance,  the food here too is quite amazing. We began with the staffs recommended platter consisting of Bhatti ki Murg Tikka, Fish Chili, Beijing Chicken and Fish Tikka. It was an interesting blend of flavors and textures and I absolutely loved the seafood.

Impressed with the seafood, I decided to go for something more interesting and ordered their Tandoori Stuffed Pomfret, while the dish was delicious, it was quite challenging to eat it as it was not boneless and the lights were turned low by now.


So we decided to stick with finger food and ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings, Prawn Rawa Fry and Bacon wrapped Prawns. All of the dishes had a good flavor, the only downside was the that the bacon was a bit chewy.

Confused by the enormous menu, we decided to end our meal with something more exotic and went for the Tenderloin in Cumin and Black Pepper Sauce, and their Dragon Rolls (Sushi). While the beef was quite delicious, I didn’t quite like the flavor of the sushi.

For dessert we had a Tiramisu and Peanut Butter Cheesecake, both were decent, good but nothing extraordinary.

While we had mixed reviews about the food, the drinks here were spot on, the Cocktails we tried out were, Bourbon Wreckage Fluid, Fresh Fruit Pinacolada and Skeleton 3. The bourbon one being the best of the lot. We also had a couple of Mocktails like their Peanut Butter Shake and Minto Plus which were even better than the cocktails.

Overall I had a wonderful experience here, the staff was very polite and friendly. My only suggestion would be to shorten or rearrange the dishes on the menu as it was quite confusing going through 43 pages of it.

The Junkyard Cafe is definitely worth trying out!

  • Location : Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Multi Cuisine

  • Cost : Rs.2000 for 2 (approx)

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