Khyber at Kala Ghoda is place you should visit at least once!

Over half a decade old and after catering to Royalty and Celebrities from all over the world, Khyber is truly one of the most iconic restaurants in the city.

The moment you stem inside you realize how huge this place actually is. The ambiance takes you back in time instantly, beautiful rustic walls with artwork hand drawn by the famous M.D Husain in 1988, this place will leave you in awe even before you reach your table!

The night I visited, I was surrounded by guests from all over the world. On my left was a table of Japanese businessmen, on another were an elderly Israeli couple and to my right a group of American tourists, such lovely diversity.

They serve some of the best Mughlai food at Khyber. We began with their Seafood Platter which consisted of Reshmi Prawns, Coconut Coriander Prawns, Kali Mirch Rawas, Pomfret and Squid coated in Tawa Masala. The fish was fresh and the Masala was perfect, it was also the first time I tried out Squid with Indian Spices. Worth trying out!

The other starters we had were, Kali Mirch Mutton and Brain Fried Green Masala. The Mutton was tender and beautifully spiced, loved it completely. The brain however was not so impressive, I guess brain loses its soft texture and charm when fried.

For mains we had the Mutton Rara and Chicken Makhanwala, both dishes were delicious, the meat was tender and the spices spot on! We tried out their Reshmi Malai Paratha and Garlic Naan along with our mains which were quite nice too.

We tried out the Milky Way and Firni for desserts, the Milky was mix of Saffron Laddu swimming in a Sea of Condensed Milk and tasted as good as it sounds, worth trying out. The Firni on the other hand was more like Rabdi with its rich creamy texture and sweet taste, but still very delicious.

The Cocktails we tried out here were nice and subtle and something different from the usual gimmicky cocktails many restaurants serve today. We tried out the Rusty Nail, Whiskey sour and a couple of others.

Overall, the food here is good though it could be better in certain areas. The service was good too, though it was a little overwhelming for me to enjoy the meal with 4-5 waiters almost surrounding the table. This even made the place seem cluttered and a little claustrophobic. Almost Perfect is how I would like to describe this iconic restaurant and surely a place you have to visit!

  • Location : 145, Kala Ghoda, Fort.

  • Cuisine : North Indian/Mughlai

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.5000 (approx)

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Candlelight Dinner under the Trees @ Rainforest, R City

Did you ever dream of dining amidst the trees but at the same time you like gourmet food and exotic cocktails? Then Rainforest is your dream come true as it blends the best of both worlds. Located on the top floor of the every bustling R City Mall in Ghatkopar, stepping into this restaurant makes you forget all the chaos and a while later you even start to forget that you in the suburbs of Mumbai, let alone the top floor of a crowded Mall.

They serve a wide variety of dishes from Indian, Italian, Asian and they even have special menus for Kids and Seafood lovers. Being a seafood lover, we started off by trying out their Seafood Specials – Wasabi Shrimp with Mango Chutney and Grilled Fish with Crispy Spinach. Both dishes were delicious, however the mango chutney did overpower the wasabi and shrimp flavors, while the soft grilled fish was perfectly matched with the crisp spinach. The best dish of the day.

Impressed by the fish, we gave it another try, we ordered Basa in Teriyaki Sauce along with Lamb Chilly. Again the dishes were quite nice but the mild basa flavor gets overpowered by the strong teriyaki sauce as well as the soft texture ruined by the cornflour coating. The Lamb however was spot on with amazing flavor and most importantly the meat was still tender and soft. Worth a try! We also tried out their Jalapeno and Cheese Poppers which were nice and served with mouth-watering sauce.

For mains we decided to go for a chicken dish, we ordered a Chicken in Lemon Coriander Sauce and some Veg Fortune Rice to go along with it. Both dishes had mild and unique flavors that complimented each other well. The chicken too was nice and tender.

And finally for deserts, we tried out their Bailey’s Special which was made up of 3 scoops of Ice cream – Chocolate, Vanilla and Orange, topped of with loads of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur that transformed this simple dessert into something heavenly and yes..very tipsy. However I do wish they replaced the orange flavored ice cream with something milder, maybe butterscotch.


Speaking of tipsy, the cocktails we tried out were the Long Island Ice Tea, Secret Forrest, Shanghai Sunset and Pinacolada, which was favorite that night.

Overall, we had an amazing experience and this is definitely a place that you should try out.


  • Location : R City, Ghatkopar

  • Cuisine : Indian, Asian & Italian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2400 (approx)

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Grand Centre, Tardeo

My experience here had several ups and downs. I visited this place two nights ago with a friend for dinner. This place is located near Nana Chowk and August Kranti Maidan. It has a huge signboard outside which made it easy to spot, the ambiance here was warm and pleasant with dim yellow lighting. The restaurant was quite empty but it was an early Wednesday evening.

Being seafood lovers, we began with a round of Burnt Garlic Soup with Mixed Seafood which was delicious and spicy, a good start. Next we had their Kung Pao Fish which was amazing and my favorite dish of the evening. Worth a try if you visit this place.

Impressed by their Seafood dishes we had Prawns in Hot Perry Sauce next, which was good too and very spicy. However the next couple of dishes we ordered were not available, like the dimsums and the entire row of lamb dishes which was a big disappointment, I would strongly recommend the management to strike off whatever you don’t serve.

We finally decided to go with the Chicken Cheese Kebabs and Nasheeli Prawns. The Chicken Kebabs were nice and juicy with a sweet taste from the cheese, however the prawns dish was just sad, right from the way it was presented down to the texture and taste. The chutney served along with it was nice and spicy.

To wash down the spice we went for a round of cocktails, we ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and a Black Russian, but sadly they were out of Kahlua so we settled for a Pinacolada instead. Both the drinks were decent, the Pinacolada would be my preferred choice out of the two.

For main course we decided to try out their Continental dishes but the entire section was unavailable so we ordered Steamed Fish in Chili Lemon Sauce and Chicken Burnt Garlic Rice. Though it took a good half hour to arrive, the dish was great, the steamed fish was absolutely delicious and tender, the taste of lime was a bit to strong and it kept getting stronger. The rice too was delicious and spicy with juicy chunks of chicken.

Finally for desserts we decided to go for their Black Magic and a Caramel Custard, and not to my surprise, they were out of caramel custard and we went for the Gulab Jamun instead which was just amazing. The black magic however was not so magical, it was Chocolate sponge cake with layers of Vanilla ice cream in the middle. While the flavors were good and complimented each other, the texture of the sponge cake was ruined probably because the cake seemed like it was frozen to avoid the ice cream from melting.

Lastly the service, while the waiters were very friendly and polite, the speed at which the dishes showed up was quite poor. A good meal overall and a decent place to try out.

  • Location : AK Marg, Tardeo.

  • Cuisine : North Indian,  Chinese and Continental

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

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The Playlist Pizzeria, Bandra

I visited this small little pizzeria one afternoon for lunch and what a delightful experience it was. The ambiance here is warm and cosy, the staff pleasant and friendly. Good things do come in small packages.

The food here was quite good too, loved the way it is served on wooden semi circle boards. The pizzas i ordered were light, fresh and filled with flavor. I tried out the Summertime Madness and Reverb Pizza. The Summertime Madness consisted of Cherry Tomatoes and Olives with a drizzle of Pesto Sauce while the Reverb had toppings of Tandoori Paneer, Green Chili, Caramelized Onions and lots of Cheese.

The desserts too were quite good. Absolutely loved the Tiramisu. I also tried out their Strawberry Cheesecake which was a bit too sweet for my liking and lacked the sour cheesy flavor.

The only con to this place is finding it if you are visiting for the first time, but its worth all the searching. All in all a delightful little place. Strongly recommend their pizzas and tiramisu.

  • Location : Gloria Appartments, Baptist Road, Bandra Reclamation.

  • Cuisine : Italian, Pizzas

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1200 (approx)

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Hungry Head, Powai

Even though I can’t cook much, I always love experimenting with Maggi Noodles. This place takes it to a whole new level. Hungry Head is a Dream Come True for any Maggi Lover (including me).

Located opposite Nirvana Park in Hiranadani, Powai, Hungry Head is a tiny outlet with outdoor seating. I visited a couple of nights ago and the October heat was getting to me. So to beat the heat we began with a round of Coolers, I ordered a Kiwi Ice Tea as I had never tasted that before. Sadly, my order was either mixed up with a regular Ice Tea or the Kiwi Ice Tea just didn’t have any hint of Kiwi in it. It was refreshing but a little disappointing. I also tasted their Jeera Twister and Green Apple Mojito. The Mojito was good and packed a punch, but the Jeera Twister was very mild.


Next we had their Khow Suey Maggi, which is by far the best combination of Maggi Noodles and additional flavor I have ever had. Absolutely Delicious and Strongly recommended. We also had a plate of fries with various dips, some of the dips were quite average and difficult to distinguish between but the Chili Garlic Dip was to die for, it gave a good kick the moment you taste it. The fries were good too.

The Mexican roll was next, a decent dish, good flavor but nothing extraordinary. The next dish however was something I wanted to try out.. A Maggi Sizzler!! An interesting concept, to serve Maggi on a Sizzling Hot Plate, full marks for innovation, but not for the execution. The maggi on the bottom was charred, maybe another layer of lettuce would help. While I liked the Maggi and Fries, I didn’t like the sauce it was served with, too much salt in it. The Kofta Balls were my favorite part of the sizzler. Another suggestion is that you don’t serve plastic spoons and forks with a Sizzler.

Down to the final dish, and the most talked about..their Blooming Bread. We went for the Aglio e Olio topping. The dish is basically a large bun sliced and stuffed with Cheese and other toppings, it does look quite picture perfect when you pull out the pieces. Sad part is that we waited a good 20 minutes for it, speaking of which, the service was the biggest con at Hungry Head. Slow and inattentive, we had to get up several times and walk up to the counter for extra tissues and forks. However a decent experience overall.


The Khow Suey Maggi was definitely the best Incarnation of Maggi I have ever come across and the dish that made my day. Worth a try!

  • Location : Hakone, Hiranandani, Powai.

  • Cuisine : Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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King Chilli Oriental, Santacruz East

Not many restaurants serve food at 5 in the evening, I was lucky this place was still open at that time. Located along the busy bylanes of Kalina, King Chili is a small Asian restaurant with another outlet just a few meters away. The ambiance is quite average but it does have air coditioning which is a life saver in Mumbai.

Hungry as ever, we began with an order of Kung Pao Potatoes. The quantity of food was quite amazing. The potatoes could have been a little more crispy but the flavors were spot on. Absolutely love the sweet and spicy Kung Pao flavor.


For mains we ordered Hunan Seafood Noodles and Chicken Thai Pot Rice. Again, the quantity of food was good, the amount of sea food served with the noodles too was much more than i expected. Both dishes had good flavor too. The blend of Soft and Crispy Noodles was the best part. We even had their Garlic Chutney which was delicious.

Service here was very polite and friendly, the ambiance however was a bit dull. But good experience overall. Their Pocket Friendly prices are sure to bring me back here for more.

Pros : Tasty Food, good quantity, pocket friendly.

Cons : Dull ambiance, seafood didn’t taste fresh.

P.s : I loved the fact their price does not increase exponentially when you upgrade your dish from veg to chicken or seafood. Worth visiting for a quick bite.

  • Location : Gwens Apartment, Kalina Kurla Road, Santacruz West.

  • Cuisine : Asian, Seafood

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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Delhi Highway, Sakinaka

I passed by this place a few months ago and ever since, Delhi Highway has always been on my “List of Restaurants to visit”. The ambiance here is beautiful and inviting. I finally visited last week with a few other friends and we all had a wonderful time. Just like the ambiance, the service here was good too.

Coming to the food, we began with a Litchi welcome drink that was nice and refreshing. Next began the flow of starters, Masala Papad was the first dish, the presentation was beautiful but the taste was quite average.

Next was a Tomato Basil Shorba Soup, it was quite spicy and something I would love to have on a cold winter night. Next was the Dahi Papdi Chaat, this was by far the best dish of the day, amazing blend of textures and flavors. Worth trying out.

Pani Puri/ Gol Gappa shots were next, while the presentation and concept looks amazing and eye-catching, it does have its flaws. The Spicy GolGappa Pani settles to the bottom of the glass almost instantly and we had to use the back side of a spoon to stir it. Another flaw is that if your puri has a hole, you are going to make a mess, as it was in my case. It does taste quite nice though.


Next we had the Naram Dil and Broccoli Pesto Kebabs, both were good. I however didn’t like the Tandoori stuffed Mushrooms, the texture was too chewy and jelly like. Lastly, we had a round of Dahi Sheek Kebabs which was quite interesting, tasted sweet and resembled a stuffed Panini.

I went for an Apple Mojito to cool down from all those spicy kebabs. It was very refreshing and much better than a regular Lemon-Mint Mojito. Do try it out.


Pasta served with Garlic naan was the next dish followed by Quesadillas stuffed with Rajma beans, both dishes were very heavy and we were almost done, but the main course and star of the evening was still remaining…

The the time it was served, we were too full to look at it. Even though I love thalis, after all the spicy starters, it tasted quite mild and average. I would have loved to have it as a separate meal rather than all together. It was too overwhelming.


Finally time for desserts, my favorite part, and Delhi Highway didn’t disappoint me. We had Delhi special Lassi, served in an earthen glass and Hot Jalebis served with lots of mouth-watering Rabdi. I was so happy I didn’t stuff myself with the Thali. The desserts here are amazing. Save some space for it.

Overall this place is quite nice, it was full even on a weekday evening, the food has its ups and downs but a good dinner service in all.

P.S : Being a non-vegetarian lover I may have been a bit harsh with the review, but my friends who were vegetarian did seem to like it more.

  • Location : Time Square, Sakinaka, Andheri (East).

  • Cuisine : North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1400 (approx)

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