Box8, BKC

Box8 outlets have been opening up all-around the city and I have had heard mixed reviews about this chain so I recently when I got a chance to try out their food, I ordered a variety of dishes to settle the confusion once and for all

The appetizers I tried out were the Chicken Mayonnaise Wrap and the Chicken Triple Decker Sandwich. The mayo wrap is simple and packed with flavor, the sandwich is huge, filled with three different kinds of chicken (Tikka, Kebab and Salami) and again bursting with flavor. Despite being prepared and packed for an hour before I ate it, the bread was not soggy from all the sauces.

For mains I ordered my all time favorite Butter Chicken with Chicken Tikka Biryani along with a Char Grilled Chicken Salad. Though I’m not a big fan of salads, I liked their salad, the tangy dressing did help bring it to life. The Butter Chicken and Biryani were good too, though it could have been better.

However my favorite items were their meals, I tried out their Chicken Overload meal with Paratha, Rice and Dal Makhani and a Paneer Masala Over Rice. Both of them are simply amazing, especially for the cost. Paneer Masala over rice comes with huge slices of tender Paneer and rice alone with salad, chutney and a yogurt based sauce. The Chicken Overload Meal as the name suggests, comes loaded with different items – Rice, Dal Makhani, Chicken Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken with Gravy, Salad, Chutney, Parathas and a small Brownie to end on a sweet note. Perfect! The chicken gravy was my favorite from this meal but I didn’t like the Parathas as much, would recommend going with rice instead. Must try!

Lastly, I ordered two dessert combos – Ice Tea with Chocolate Chip Muffin and Masala Lemonade with Choco Lava Cake. The Ice Tea was a little mild for my liking but the Masala Lemonade was spot on! Tangy and Spicy! The two desserts had a similar taste, but I preferred the Choco Lava Cake for its soft texture.

The best part was their service, the guy taking the order was very helpful with his suggestions, the constant updates lets you know how long it will take to arrive and my order did arrive in the specified time which was quite impressive. Even the packaging was good, didn’t have any leaks.

So my Final Conclusion is that Box8 is definitely worth a try, especially if you are looking for a good takeaway meal. I do agree it may not be as elegant or satisfying as having lunch at a restaurant, but for a takeaway and at pocket friendly costs, that delivers on time, its fantastic. Will surely order again.

  • Location : IOCL Petrol Pump, Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Mughlai, North Indian, Pizzas and Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.400 (approx)

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King Chili Chindian Fusion, Kalina

My 50th Blog already and it looks like i found my new favorite place for Chinese food in Kurla. King Chili is a small restaurant serving delicious Asian fare located on the ever busy Kalina-Kurla road. After visiting the other King Chili a few meters away, this place was next on my list and long due. It was totally worth the wait.

Speaking of waiting, I visited this restaurant last Sunday for Dinner with my brother, and we had to wait about 10 minutes before we got our table. Again it was worth the wait, the ambiance is beautiful with its dim lighting and framed traditional artwork hanging on the wall. The restaurant is quite small and tough i wish there was more space between tables, it didn’t matter as the vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff took my mind away from it.

We began with an all time favorite Kung Pao Potatoes for starters and just like other restaurants, the dish here was amazing as well. A must try dish at any Asian Restaurant. What made it extra special is the Caramelized Onion Chutney that they serve here, the bitter sweet taste of the Onions perfectly compliments the sweet, sour and spicy Kung Pao flavor.



Quite impressed with first dish we decided to try out something more adventurous and ordered Wasabi Mayo Prawns and Chicken with  Crackling Spinach. Both of the dishes were mindbogglingly delicious and packed with combinations of flavors and textures that I have never tasted before. The Crackling Spinach as the name suggests is made up of Finely Shredded Spinach Leaves that a Fried till Crisp and served with Spicy Chunks of Chicken, Spinach never tasted so delicious and the combination of Soft and Tender Chicken with Crisp Crackling Spinach was simply amazing. The Wasabi Mayo Prawns was even better and the best dish of the day. The Prawns were coated with Mayo and then deep fried which gave it a Crisp Mayo Shell and  then finished of with a drizzle of Wasabi Sauce. Sweet and Savory taste with a kick of  Wasabi in the end. Perfect!

For main course we had Pan Fried Noodles with Hunan Sauce and Seafood toppings. Another great dish, large portion, good enough for two. I loved the combination of crispy fried and soft boiled noodles. Also the seafood toppings were delicious, though it could have been more fresh. And just like the other King Chili restaurant few blocks away, the difference between veg, chicken and seafood variants is just 5-10 rupees and not exponential like many other restaurants where the prices just multiply.


Overall we had an amazing time, the atmosphere here is excellent with most of diners consisting the North Eastern Community that resides in this part of Kalina and the impeccable manners of the staff that could compete with most of the fine dine restaurants that I have been to. Strongly Recommended and Worth Visiting.

  • Location : Gabriel House, Kalina – Kurla Road, Santacruz East

  • Cuisine : Chinese, Thai and Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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Grand Centre, Tardeo

My experience here had several ups and downs. I visited this place two nights ago with a friend for dinner. This place is located near Nana Chowk and August Kranti Maidan. It has a huge signboard outside which made it easy to spot, the ambiance here was warm and pleasant with dim yellow lighting. The restaurant was quite empty but it was an early Wednesday evening.

Being seafood lovers, we began with a round of Burnt Garlic Soup with Mixed Seafood which was delicious and spicy, a good start. Next we had their Kung Pao Fish which was amazing and my favorite dish of the evening. Worth a try if you visit this place.

Impressed by their Seafood dishes we had Prawns in Hot Perry Sauce next, which was good too and very spicy. However the next couple of dishes we ordered were not available, like the dimsums and the entire row of lamb dishes which was a big disappointment, I would strongly recommend the management to strike off whatever you don’t serve.

We finally decided to go with the Chicken Cheese Kebabs and Nasheeli Prawns. The Chicken Kebabs were nice and juicy with a sweet taste from the cheese, however the prawns dish was just sad, right from the way it was presented down to the texture and taste. The chutney served along with it was nice and spicy.

To wash down the spice we went for a round of cocktails, we ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and a Black Russian, but sadly they were out of Kahlua so we settled for a Pinacolada instead. Both the drinks were decent, the Pinacolada would be my preferred choice out of the two.

For main course we decided to try out their Continental dishes but the entire section was unavailable so we ordered Steamed Fish in Chili Lemon Sauce and Chicken Burnt Garlic Rice. Though it took a good half hour to arrive, the dish was great, the steamed fish was absolutely delicious and tender, the taste of lime was a bit to strong and it kept getting stronger. The rice too was delicious and spicy with juicy chunks of chicken.

Finally for desserts we decided to go for their Black Magic and a Caramel Custard, and not to my surprise, they were out of caramel custard and we went for the Gulab Jamun instead which was just amazing. The black magic however was not so magical, it was Chocolate sponge cake with layers of Vanilla ice cream in the middle. While the flavors were good and complimented each other, the texture of the sponge cake was ruined probably because the cake seemed like it was frozen to avoid the ice cream from melting.

Lastly the service, while the waiters were very friendly and polite, the speed at which the dishes showed up was quite poor. A good meal overall and a decent place to try out.

  • Location : AK Marg, Tardeo.

  • Cuisine : North Indian,  Chinese and Continental

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

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