The Newly Opened Hungry Head at Ghatkopar has some of the Best Maggi Creations.

My experiments with Maggi started by adding knobs of butter and slices of cheese to it, later it moved on to adding caramelized onions, fried paneer or chicken to it. However, this place takes their maggi preparations to a whole new level.

Located a stones throw away from my Alma Mater, Somaiya, this place is bound to attract several college going students alone with the locals of Ghatkopar. After multiple visits to their Powai outlet, I was curious to see what the second outlet of Hungry Head had in store.


We began by trying out some of their basic Maggi Preparations and went for the Picadilla Maggi, Thai Curry Maggi, Aglio E Olio Maggi and my favorite fro their previous outlet –  Khow Suey Maggi. While the other three are still delicious, their Khow Suey Maggi still remains my favorite dish.

To beat the summer heat along with the heat from the spices, we decided to try out some of their drinks and ended up trying almost all of them. Starting off with their Thick Shakes – Chocolate, Mast Melon, Snickers, Shahi Mango and Berry Delight, then to a few Coolers, Mojitos and Iced Teas. While we loved all of them, their Thick Shakes were the best of the lot.

Next we moved on to more complex maggi preparations, their Maggi Sizzler and Oye Punjabi Magizza. Both of which seem nice but failed to impress, especially the sizzler, more show than flavor or taste.

We then moved on to their specialty fries and blooming bread, which is their version of a Pull-apart bread. Chili Cheese Garlic and Honey Chili were the toppings we went for, while the toppings were delicious, the quality of fries were very average, the dishes could have been much better. The Blooming Bread is another dish that I dislike as it is more gimmick and less taste, while the first few bites are good, the rest of the dish is plain dry bread. Not recommended by me even though many people may like it.

Finally for desserts we had their Sizzling Brownie and Chocolava Cake with Ice Cream, both of them were quite nice but the Chocolava was a hint better. We ended with a round of Paan, Coffee and Bubble Gum shots. The paan and coffee are quite nice but the bubble gum could be avoided.

Overall this place is worth a try for maggi lovers, after all it is an iconic product that you can’t avoid whether you love it, hate it or even ban it! Maggi is here to stay!

  • Location : M G Road, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ghatkopar East,

  • Cuisine : Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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Turban Tales, Powai

Turban Tales is a newly opened restaurant in Powai that serves North Indian food along with Desi Styled Cocktails and Patiala Sized Iced Teas and Lassi. If that didn’t capture your attention, all of their dishes are pocket friendly and a bill for two should fit well below 1000 rupees.


The ambiance here is amazing and even though it’s an open rooftop restaurant, it was quite cool and comfortable for a hot summer night. The seating and decor are Dhaba styled, even the names of their dishes bear resemblance to a Dhaba from Northern India.

We started of the night with a round of Cocktails and an extra-large Patiala Sized Lassi. The lassi was amazing, it was perfectly sweetened and had a nice scoop of mawa. The Cocktails we tried out were Amritsar to Thailand, Thekke Da Bag, Cold Fried Caviar, Manhattan and Flaming Lamborghini Shots.

Amirtsar to Patiyala was Sugarcane Juice based Cocktail that was nice and refreshing, the Thekke Da Bag was a smooth Orange based drink and the best cocktail of the night, the Manhattan was as it should be, simple and delicious, the Col Fried Caviar was something quite interesting, watermelon flavored drink with green bubbles that resembled Caviar. However the Flaming Lamborghini Shots was the closest you can get to heaven, layers of Blue Curacao, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream topped off with Flaming Cointreau. A treat for all your senses. Smooth with an extremely powerful kick.

Turban Tales has a concept of smaller portions at cheaper rates, which made sense to us, as we like to try out a larger variety of dishes, for starters we tried out their Tikka Supreme which was Chicken Tikka Chunks stuffed with Cheese, Amritsari Lollipop which was Crispy with an Asian Twist of Spicy Schezwan Sauce, Prawns Koliwada, a dish that can never go wrong, Jhinga Pao which is similar to a tiny vada pav filled with Prawn Koliwada, I wish they start selling these on the streets of Mumbai, Fish Tikka, tender and spiced to perfection and Chicken Quesadillas, which could have been better. We  also tried out their Lamb Galouti Kebab and Chicken Malai Tikka which were just as amazing as the rest of the dishes.

For Mains we ordered the Classic Butte Chicken with Seekh Parathas along with Rice and Mummy Di Daal. While the Starters overpowered the flavors of the simpler Main Course, it was still quite good. The Butter Chicken was my favorite of the lot.

The desserts here are just as fancy as the rest of my experience here, and it was a perfect end to an amazing evening. We tried out the Nitrogen infused Paan Ice Cream with Apple Murabba and Jalebi with Rabdi & Nitrogen. Both the dishes were quite nice but the Rabdi was my favorite.

I will surely visit this place again, it has all the makings of a successful restaurant.

  • Location : JVLR, Powai

  • Cuisine : North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

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Uncafe, Sion

Uncafe is a newly opened vegetarian Cafe styled restaurant near Sion Circle, the ambiance is fresh and vibrant and the service too is quite nice. I visited this place about a week ago and had a good experience.


We began with a round of Mojito’s and I had to try out the staff recommended Mango Flavored Mojito. While the drink was nice and refreshing, it had no resemblance to a Mojito, it was just Mango Syrup mixed with Soda. Why not call it a Mango Cooler instead?

The starters here were heavenly, and I would surely return for another round. We tried out a whole lot of them, Parmesan Fries, Gooey Jalapeno Poppers, Onion Rings, Mexican Loaded Nachos and the most amazing Missal Fondue. Jalapeno Poppers and the Missal Fondue were to die for, absolutely delicious and worth a try. The Fries were good too but the Nachos and Onion Rings were disappointing.

For Mains, we tried out their Sicilian Pizza, Penne Masala Mafia, Peri Peri Wrap and Veg Patty Cheese Sauce Sizzler. The Pizza was fresh with mildly flavored ingredients, the wrap was delicious too and the sauce it was served with even better. However the Sizzler was very disappointing but the Pasta made up for everything. It was the best dish of the day and surely the best veg Pasta I have had. Spicy, Delicious and worth a try!

The desserts here were the saddest part of the evening, we tried out their Mad Shakes and a couple of their pastries. The mad Shakes were based on the concept of a deconstructed Freak Shake. We tried out the Oreo and Red Velvet Shakes. They come served inside a light bulb shaped glass along with a scoop of Whipped Cream and a Cupcake. It was one worse than the other, the drink tasted quite average, I dunno why anyone would wanna have whipped cream as an individual element and the cupcakes were not fresh at all. The pastries we had were a small saving grace, they were quite nice as compared to those shakes.

Overall a good evening, hope the work on those desserts, because a meal is good only if it ends well. Worth a try for all you college going students looking for a nice veg place to hang out.

  • Location : Near Sion Circle Petrol Pump.

  • Cuisine : Vegetarian, Italian, Finger food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.800 (approx)

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MasalaBar, Bandra

After being blown away my by Masala Library, my visit to MasalaBar was eminent. To sum up my review in a sentence, if you love fancy cocktails that not only look good but taste good as well, MasalaBar is a restaurant you cannot miss out on. The cocktails here look like something out of a science lab.

Located on the first floor at the corner of Carter Road, this place has the most amazing view of the sun setting over the Arabian Sea. And as luck would have it, I dropped by just as the sun was about to set. The sight is truly breathtaking.

After the sun sets, this place is lit up with candles, by far one of the most romantic settings I have come across that will make you fall in love with this restaurant.

Hearing many positive reviews about their cocktails, we had to start off with a round of their staff recommended house blended cocktails. Along with the presentation, the stories behind the drinks were quite interesting as well.

The Great Hornby’s Cloud – Who would have thought Whiskey, Spices and Chocolate would taste so well when mixed together. This drink has a nice sweet taste of Cinnamon and Chocolate with a good kick of whiskey. It comes in an enclosed capsule filled with flavored smoke. Strongly Recommended.


Sunset @ Carter – Another amazingly presented drink that is made up of Almond and Absinthe Foam over a sweet and spicy base. Quite a strong drink and a treat for all your senses. And again strongly recommended.


Bollywood Bhang – This drink too follows the path of stimulating all your senses. The waiter first burns up vodka infused with spices inside a flask and makes you breathe it in. Quite a kick! The drink which is made up of Thandai and Basil infused Vodka is then served in a skull shaped glass. Sweet and delicious, almost like a dessert cocktail.

Malabar Point – The last drink we tried out, made up of Apple and Chamomile Reduction and infused with Vodka. This drink too is quite sweet and nice.

Coming to the food, MasalaBar serves Tapas style food and we went for their Chefs’s tasting menu which included a mix of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Courses.

Course 1 – Soup (Potage)

– Tomato and Lemongrass Rassa – Similar to your regular tomato soup, garnished with Zucchini and Broccoli. However it tasted very sour, more like lemon than lemongrass. Not recommended.

– Pumpkin Chowder with Crunchy Chicken Floss – The best Chicken soup I have ever had, rich, creamy and amazingly flavorful strands of chicken. The best dish of the day and Strongly Recommended.


Course 2 – Salads

– Carpaccio of Watermelon and Feta – Crispy Arugula, Basil, Sliced Watermelon and Chunks of Feta Cheese drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar. If only healthy food always tasted this heavenly!


– Duck and Orange Salad –  Crispy Duck flavored with five spice, served along with segmented oranges and herbs. Another delicious healthy dish.


Course 3 – Contemporary Tacos

– Tofu and Paneer Khurchan – Tiny pieces of minced Tofu and Paneer, drizzled with Smoked Sour Cream and Green Chutney, served over Khari Naan. Very light and delicious.


– Hauled Lamb Barra Khurchan – This was the nonvegetarian version of the previous dish which used Spicy Lamb Barra instead of Paneer and Tofu.


Course 4 – Hors D’oeuvre

– Avocado, Beet and Tempura Asparagus Maki Chequerboard – As the name suggests, sushi rolls made up of Avocado, Pickled Beetroot and Spicy Tempura Asparagus topped of with Spicy Cream Cheese Sauce


– Salmon, Tuna and Tempura Prawn Maki Chequerboard – Again similar to the previous dish with seafood instead of veggies. However this was my least favorite dish, a complete mess of flavors, the cheese sauce totally overpowered the mild tasting raw salmon, even worse,  the prawn had its tail and shell on I ended up picking out pieces of shell after eating it. Even the Wasabi served along with it was too strong and inedible. Very Disappointed.


– Baked Potatoes with Sweet and Spicy Beetroot and Apple – Served inside a potato skin and then baked, served alongside fennel flavored sweet yogurt. A nice, light and flavorful dish.


– Kakrar Aam Kasundi Paturi – A mix of South Indian Neer Dosa and Crab Meatballs with Bengali Kasundi made up of Mangoes and Chilies. This dish is sweet, spicy, savory and amazing. Worth a try.


Course 5 – Entrees

– Tofu Katsu Kari, Tagliatelle, Hajikame – A savory Japanese curry served with Italian Aglio Olio Pasta. Interesting but not mind-blowing.

– Yellow Curry Risotto, Banana Blossom Patty with Porcini Oil – A very heavy and spicy risotto. Nice burst of flavors, though it could have been better.


Course 6 – Dessert

– Chocolate, Cappuccino and Peanut Butter Pie – Saving the best looking dish for last, this dish looks like a work of art. The taste was quite nice too.


Overall, my visit to MasalaBar was an amazing experience, I loved the ambiance and the cocktails, while the food was good too. However, it would be nice if they simplified the unnecessarily complicated dishes. A perfect place to catch up with friends or for a nice romantic evening. Worth a visit and Strongly Recommended!

  • Location : Carter Road, Bandra West

  • Cuisine : Tapas, Asian and European

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.3000 (approx)

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ChillPapi, Sakinaka

Finally a place to satisfy those late night hunger pangs! ChillPapi is a late night only delivery kitchen that delivers food at your doorstep from 11pm to 4am, in Sakinaka and its neighboring areas. Being someone who orders food at home quite often, ChillPapi is quite the savior as most restaurants in my area do not deliver after 11pm.

I tried out their food recently and it was quite delicious. The delivery was quick, the food neatly packed and it most importantly it arrived hot. Some of the dishes I tried out were,

Mac & Cheese Peperoncino – Creamy and delicious, loaded with cheese. The spicy masala sprinkled on top gave a nice kick to the dish.


The Eggslut Burger – This burger was huge, but sadly this was the only dish that disappointed me. The giant patty overpowered the mild flavors of the egg. Could definitely use some tweaking.


Chili Spaghetti with Cottage Cheese Burrito – Quite unusual fillings for a Burrito, but it was delicious. My favorite dish of the lot. Spicy, flavorful and filling. Just what you need in the middle of the night.


Nachos – Another nice dish and definitely something that I would love to have when those late night hunger pangs kick in. The spicy flavors of the nachos are well-balanced out with the sweet and savory cheese sauce served along with it.


Oreo Crumble Frappe – While I loved the flavors of this drink, I feel it needs to be consumed quickly after its made or else starts to form a layer of cream on the top. Another drink that could use a quick fix.


Overall, I loved the food they served and I would surely order again. Worth a try!

  • Location : Sakinaka, Andheri East.

  • Cuisine : Fast Food (Home Delivery)

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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Masala Library, BKC

I have visited several amazing restaurants in Mumbai, and then I visited Masala Library which was by far the best out of them all, so much so that I may fall short on words to describe how extraordinary my experience here was. On my visit, I was filled with a lot of excitement and sky-high expectations as I had heard several positive reviews of this place, and it surely lived up to them all.

As you step in, the ambiance does feel very inviting and warm. The tables are set up beautifully with wine glasses and the staff is quite friendly too. I loved the way the they change the table setting after every course and the way they explain each and every dish down to the last detail. Quite a treat for any food lover.

We started of with a couple of House Specialty Cocktails, all of which had some or the other use of spices in them. Their Masala Library Margarita was not only my favorite of the lot but also the best Cocktail I have ever had. I consists of whole spices perfectly flambeed in Tequila that actually improves the flavor of the drink.
Just a sip of it, and I had my Ratatouille Moment.

We tried out the chefs tasting menu, which is a fixed menu of five different courses with several rounds of amuse bouche served in between these courses . The dishes we tried out were as follows,

– Amuse Bouche – Thandai Shot and Maska Pav

A nice way to ready your palate for the exciting courses to come.

– Course 1 – Soup

Steamed Patrani Macchi with Lemon Coriander Shorba, served along with salted Edamame beans – mildly spiced, the was fish perfectly tender and flavorful and the edamame beans complimented the flavor of the soup.

– Course 2 – Salad

Prawns spiced with curry leaf and pepper, served along with banana chips and thayir sadam(curd rice) – Tender, juicy and packed with flavor, the most amazing prawn dish ever, the spiciness of the prawn is well balanced with the sweet and sour curd rice which you eat with the banana chips as spoon.

– Course 3 – Starters

Galawat Kebab – A really tiny dish, and again, the best piece of kebab I have ever had, spicy and tender. Served along with varqi paratha whose sweetness compliments the spicy kebab.

Bacon Wrapped Tandoori Morel – After the best prawns and kebabs, it was time for the best slice of bacon, served along with a deep fried lotus stem. Absolutely delicious.


Piri Piri Chicken Tikka – A large juicy chunk of perfectly spiced chicken served with raita and a slice of pink ginger that just made the dish come alive.


Pan Seared Scallop – I have always wondered what scallops taste like, its soft and tastes similar to shell-fish. The peanut salad dressing gave it an Indian flavor.

Braised Mutton Chaap – Glazed with Maple and Kokum syrup, this succulent mutton rib had a very unique taste and the knife cut through it like butter. Perfect!

– Amuse Bouche – Sorbet


Mishti Doi Popsicles – Sweet and tangy, it did help to wash away the flavors from the starters and prepared the palate for the main course.

– Course 4 – Main Course

Pan Seared Rawas – Served alongside sauteed Crab and Spinach. The spice sprinkled on the fish was just mind-blowing, lip smacking and spicy, it went well with the bitterness of the Spinach and the sweetness of the Basa. Another perfect combination of flavors and textures.


Kashmiri Chili Duck – Tangy and Spicy, and the first time I tried out duck. Quite delicious.

Dal Bhukara – Served as a side dish, this was the only dish from the entire menu that I found quite average and could have been better.

Tadke Wali Dahi – After trying out the best preparations of meat, this was the best version of Boondi Raita that I have had. Spiced with Curry leaves and simply delicious.

Selection of Rotis – The rotis too were quite nice, however nothing compared the madness of flavors that I had just experienced. They even had kulchas stuffed with prawn Balchao, which was quite interesting.

– Course 5 – Desserts


Ras Malai Tres Leches – A very photogenic dish that tasted even better, soft and tender Rasmalai, floating in a pool of delicious Saffron Milk. Quite a large portion.
Jalebi Caviar served with Saffron Foam and Rabdi – Enough Said! A perfect ending to an amazing dinner.

– Amuse Bouche – Childhood Memories

Paan flavored Cotton Candy, perfectly blended flavors and a nice mouth freshener to end the night with.

Masala Library may be expensive but it it’s definitely the finest of fine dining restaurants that will leave you satisfied and wanting for more. Strongly recommended!

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  • Location : Citibank Building, BKC.

  • Cuisine : North and South Indian

  • Cost : Rs.7000 for 2 (approx)

The Oriental Hub, Vashi

I visited The Oriental Hub last weekend for the launch of their new All Day Breakfast menu. Located right outside Inorbit Mall, it was not difficult to find. The ambiance is quite nice and cosy with a dim yellow lighting.


We began by trying out dishes from the new Breakfast menu and started off with an all time favorite – Kheema Pav, the Kheema Pav here is served with a twist, they use Pita Bread instead of the usual Bakery Pav.  Full marks for presentation and the Kheema was fresh and delicious too and went well with the mild flavor of the Pita Bread, but is it better than the usual Kheema and Pav ? Maybe not for me.


Next we tried out the Kheema Ghotala or Ghotala Pita Pav as they call it. Just as Kheema Ghotala is blended with egg, here it comes with a fried egg and Pita Bread. It did taste much better than the regular Kheema.


The Masala Cheese Pav was the next dish from the breakfast menu. Apparently it is a blend of flavors from four different cuisines but I could not taste it. Quite the average veg burger and my least favorite dish of the day. Though the presentation is absolutely beautiful, just like the rest of the dishes.


The last dish that I had from the Breakfast menu was their Scrambled Omelette, sounds almost like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it? The server tried to explain the dish but it was beyond my understanding. However, leaving aside the complicated names and explanation, the omelette had a very simple and subtle taste and was soft like custard from the inside. I totally loved this dish for its simplicity in flavor. My favorite from the new menu.


Next we tried a few dishes from their old Asian Menu. The Chicken and Prawn Momos were perfect, just the way Momos should be. Tender and Packed with flavor that does not over power the taste of chicken and prawn. The last dish was  Smoked Chicken in Red Chili, again flavored to perfection, spicy but not to spicy, crunchy from the outside while still tender on the inside. Worth trying out.

The Cocktails we ordered were the Acharioshka. Green Lantern, Oreo Magic Blast, Roman Punch, English Summer and Pan a la Lorenn, from which I tried out the Acharioshka, their Indian themed Caprioska with Pickle. Its sour and spicy and has a nice kick to it. It tastes good for a couple of sips, but I surely can’t have a whole glass of it. The Oreo Magic Blast was lovely, my favorite cocktail of the day.  I also tried out the Pan a la Lorenn, which is a blue colored paan and mint flavored drink. The first sip was quite refreshing, almost like having mint after a good meal but the after taste it had, was just terrible and nauseous. I finished off with a glass of wine that was lovely and that took care of the bad taste from the paan drink. Worth trying out.

Overall, the oriental hub seems to be a good place to hang out with friends or family, the food is quite good though the drinks could have been better. Coming to my take on the new breakfast menu, though the food is good, I feel that you are hitting the axe on your own foot when you try to complicate classic dishes. Breakfast is best when its simple. However, its worth trying out.

  • Location : Ground Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Breakfast and Asian

  • Cost : Rs.1400 for 2 (approx)

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