The Oriental Hub, Vashi

I visited The Oriental Hub last weekend for the launch of their new All Day Breakfast menu. Located right outside Inorbit Mall, it was not difficult to find. The ambiance is quite nice and cosy with a dim yellow lighting.


We began by trying out dishes from the new Breakfast menu and started off with an all time favorite – Kheema Pav, the Kheema Pav here is served with a twist, they use Pita Bread instead of the usual Bakery Pav.  Full marks for presentation and the Kheema was fresh and delicious too and went well with the mild flavor of the Pita Bread, but is it better than the usual Kheema and Pav ? Maybe not for me.


Next we tried out the Kheema Ghotala or Ghotala Pita Pav as they call it. Just as Kheema Ghotala is blended with egg, here it comes with a fried egg and Pita Bread. It did taste much better than the regular Kheema.


The Masala Cheese Pav was the next dish from the breakfast menu. Apparently it is a blend of flavors from four different cuisines but I could not taste it. Quite the average veg burger and my least favorite dish of the day. Though the presentation is absolutely beautiful, just like the rest of the dishes.


The last dish that I had from the Breakfast menu was their Scrambled Omelette, sounds almost like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it? The server tried to explain the dish but it was beyond my understanding. However, leaving aside the complicated names and explanation, the omelette had a very simple and subtle taste and was soft like custard from the inside. I totally loved this dish for its simplicity in flavor. My favorite from the new menu.


Next we tried a few dishes from their old Asian Menu. The Chicken and Prawn Momos were perfect, just the way Momos should be. Tender and Packed with flavor that does not over power the taste of chicken and prawn. The last dish was  Smoked Chicken in Red Chili, again flavored to perfection, spicy but not to spicy, crunchy from the outside while still tender on the inside. Worth trying out.

The Cocktails we ordered were the Acharioshka. Green Lantern, Oreo Magic Blast, Roman Punch, English Summer and Pan a la Lorenn, from which I tried out the Acharioshka, their Indian themed Caprioska with Pickle. Its sour and spicy and has a nice kick to it. It tastes good for a couple of sips, but I surely can’t have a whole glass of it. The Oreo Magic Blast was lovely, my favorite cocktail of the day.  I also tried out the Pan a la Lorenn, which is a blue colored paan and mint flavored drink. The first sip was quite refreshing, almost like having mint after a good meal but the after taste it had, was just terrible and nauseous. I finished off with a glass of wine that was lovely and that took care of the bad taste from the paan drink. Worth trying out.

Overall, the oriental hub seems to be a good place to hang out with friends or family, the food is quite good though the drinks could have been better. Coming to my take on the new breakfast menu, though the food is good, I feel that you are hitting the axe on your own foot when you try to complicate classic dishes. Breakfast is best when its simple. However, its worth trying out.

  • Location : Ground Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Breakfast and Asian

  • Cost : Rs.1400 for 2 (approx)

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90 Ft Above, Borivali

90 Ft above is a rooftop and fine dine restaurant in Borivali that is designed to perfection. Initially I was quite doubtful on whether I should visit a rooftop place for lunch as I didn’t want to get roasted under the hot afternoon sun. But unlike other rooftop places that I have visited, 90 ft has a huge air-conditioned dining hall along with their open air seating area which makes it a perfect place for both lunch and dinner.

As I mentioned the ambiance is quite lovely even in the afternoon and I’m sure it only gets better after the sun sets. The service here was spot on, the waiters spoke very politely and always had a smile on their face which made the dining experience all the more pleasant.

Coming to the food, since we were Non-vegetarians at a veg restaurant, we had to start with a round of Paneer dishes and went for the Achari Paneer Tikka and Massaman Cottage Cheese. The Paneer Tikka had the usual tikka taste but the Massaman Paneer was quite extraordinary. It had a spicy Thai-Coconut milk taste that went very well with the soft tender Paneer. Do try it out, it was surely the best dish of the day.

Impressed by the unusual taste we decided to go for more non-mainstream dishes like the Popeye Gnocchi and Pav Bhaji fondue. The Gnocchi had a mild sweet and savory taste and smooth creamy texture that went well with the crunchy toasted bread served along with it. However, it was quite opposite with the Pav Bhaji Fondue, the bhaji was excellent, spicy and had a kick to it but the Pav served along with it was quite ordinary. It would be perfect if they had fried it over butter or masala as they usually do with Pav Bhaji. We also went for a plate of Cheesy Crumbs that were light crispy and delicious.

Sadly, they only serve Indian food during the day and their Wok station starts in the night, so we decided to skip the main course end our meal with extra desserts. We tried out the Basundi shots, Gulab Jamun Lasagne and a Tiramisu. The Basundi shots had flavors of Mango, Rose and Paan, which was quite unique, the Tiramisu however was frozen from inside which ruined the texture though it was beautifully decorated. The lasagne had three layers, Moti Chur Laddu covered with Gulab Jamun pieces and topped of with Rabdi.

The drinks we had were a bit disappointing, we went with their house specialty Cocktails, Lynchburg and Asian Yuzu. The lynchburg had a mild fruity flavor with a weak bitter aftertaste, which only got milder and weaker as the ice started to blend in with the drink. The Asian Yuzu on the other had a strong kick of lemon that overpowered the other ingredients. Though it was better than the lynchburg, its not for someone who doesn’t like a strong, sour tasting drink.

A lovely lunch overall, the staff and ambiance were the highlights of the meal. This place truly does justice to the rooftop experience. Worth visiting!

  • Location : Rooftop, Vini Elegance, Borivali West.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, Italian and Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

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BusaGo, Mahim

Amazing Seasoning and a Mad Burst of Flavor is how I would sum up my review of BusaGo.

I recently ordered lunch from this place. My order did take a while but considering the distance, it was quite good. The dishes come neatly packed without any leakages. They even write the names of the dishes on the box which quite helpful for someone trying it out for the first time.

BBQ Pork Baos :
Baos are definitely the next food fad in Mumbai after Donuts and Tacos, and I love them. So I decided to try out what BusaGo had to offer. The Baos were quite large and filled with awesomeness. The Pork was very tender and the Peanuts and Salad gave it a nice crunchy texture to compliment the softness of the Bao. Worth a try!

Korean Beef Bulgogi
Made from the best cuts of meat imported from the place most renowned for its beef, there is less chance for this dish to go wrong. The meat was juicy and tender and the seasoning was spot on. My only issue with this dish was that it had quite less gravy to have with steamed rice. But still an amazing dish to try out for any beef lover.

Phad Thai Street Style with Prawns
Phad Thai or Pad Thai consists of flat rice noodles mixed with sauces, peanuts and some form protein.  The phad thai at BusaGo was quite filling and only dish that was mildly spiced.

Pla Neung Manao
This was my favorite dish of the day. The phrase “Looks can be Deceiving” suits this dish perfectly. At first sight this dish seemed quite bland with its pale yellow and almost watery gravy. Served with plain steamed rice I prepared my tastebuds for something very mild, it was only after I took a bite that I realized how potent this dish really is. It has a very strong and tangy Lemon/Vinegar flavor, that goes perfectly with steamed rice. The steamed fish too was quite delicious as it soaked up the flavors from the gravy. However I was the only one who loved the dish, my family members found it too sour. Try with caution.

An amazing experience ordering from BusaGo, cant wait to order again! Do try it out.

Location :Allied Industrial Estate, Ram Panjwani Marg, Mahim.

Cuisine : Asian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese.

Cost for 2 : Rs.800 (approx)

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Raasta, Khar

Raasta is one of the best places I have visited in a long time. The food, ambiance, service, atmosphere, everything was spot on.

I visited this place during the Hummus Festival Chef’s Basket. Located near Khar Station, this place seemed to get even more busy as the night grew darker.


The Ambiance :
At first sight, the restaurant seemed quite small but when you take the elevator you realize how big this place is. The ambiance has a beautiful Jamaican/Ethiopian theme with and hugely influenced by Bob Marley. The walls are painted in the Ethiopian Tricolor of red, yellow and green. It was then I realized that Raasta derives its name from Rastafari, which is the religion followed by many Jamaicans and Bob himself.

The Drinks :
We began with a round of Mocktails, The Flamingo, which was a combination of Cranberry, Lemon and Pineapple Juice, topped of with Soda and The Raasta Special, which is by far the best Mocktail I have had. It has three separate layers inspired from the Rastafarian Tricolor and each Layer had a different flavor. Definitely worth a try.

Later on we also tried out the Cookie and Cream Shake and a Fresh Fruit smoothie, they were the only two dishes that tasted quite average, not something I would recommend.

The Food :
The food was the best part of the night. We began with the Special Chef’s Basket Hummus B’Lahmeh which is Hummus with Roasted Garlic Lamb, served with tender Pita Bread.

The Non-veg Barbados Platter was next on our list. It looks like a dish sent from heaven, consisting of Lamb Jalapeno Cigars, Chicken Strips, Caribbean Grilled Chicken and Jamaican Chicken Skewers. All of them were cooked and spiced to perfection. Do try it out.

Next we had Jerked Chicken Wings and Jamaican Pork Ribs. The chicken wings were perfect, beautifully spiced and so tender that the meat just slid of the bone. I thought this was only possible on television. The ribs had a nice spicy seasoning and came with mashed potatoes that helped balance the spice. The ribs did have rather less meat on them but no complaints, thanks to its amazing flavor. We also had the Caribbean Shrimps which were quite good.

For the Main Course, we ordered a Sambuca Cajun Grilled Basa, which is a whole Fillet of Basa served with Sambuca Cajun Sauce and Cheese and Vegetable Fajita. While I didn’t like the sauce, the Fajita was nice but the main star of the dish and the night was the Grilled Basa. It was absolutely delicious and so tender that it would break each time i tried to lift it. Strongly Recommended.

By now the lights had turned down low, and the restaurant that I was sitting in had slowly converted into a pub. And as the lights grew dimmer, the music grew louder. They even had a drummer performing live. Amazing atmosphere. We ordered a Walnut Brownie and Sticky Toffee Pudding to end the night. Both f the dishes were served with Vanilla Ice cream and the serving sizes were huge. The Brownie had a bittersweet taste to it while the Toffee Pudding was sinfully sweet and gooey. A nice end to an amazing night.

Overall, a must visit place for both the foodie and the party animal, we arrived here around 8pm and left around midnight and watched this place transition from a restaurant to a pub without realizing how time flew by. Jah Bless!


  • Location : Rohan Plaza, Ram Krishan Nagar, Khar.

  • Cuisine : Jamaican, Continental and Goan

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1500 (approx)

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