Authentic Indian Food on the go?

Ever craved for Indian food like Butter Chicken but didn’t have the time to sit down and enjoy it, no problem, Morselo has a solution! With their newly launched ‘Naan Sub’ you can  enjoy delicious Indian dishes while on the move.

Located in the ‘once upon a time popular’ Galleria in Powai, Mosrelo is a tiny eatery that aims to tackle the problem of authentic Indian food on the go. Hence they combined an open sub with popular Indian dishes like Butter Chicken, Paneer Korma, Chicken Kheema and many more. We tried out their Fort Kochi Chicken Pepper Fry, Hazratganjwala Dum Ka Murg and everyone’s favorite GT Road Da Butter Chicken. All of them are loaded with shredded Chicken, perfect ratio of bread to toppings. Our favorite was the Hazratganjwala Dum Ka Murg, worth trying out!

They also serve take away meals or as they like to call it, ‘Rice Packs,’ which is your choice of gravy like Chole, Shahi Paneer, Madras Chicken, etc. served with Pulav Rice and Dilli ki Ram Ladoo. We tried out the London Famous Madras Chicken Gravy which was quite nice and enough to fill you up. We also ordered a side dish Khatte Masaledar Chicken Fingers, which we loved, spicy, tangy and delicious!

If you have been reading closely, you may have noticed that each dish has a location associated with it, that’s because Morselo wants people to know where each of their dishes originated from, their Rice Packs come with a short story about each dish.


We even tried out their drinks which were decent, I liked the water based drinks of Lemon Twist and Orange Chili Tamgo, however the Cold Coffee and Hazelnut Frappe could have been better. I did like their ChocoChip Milkshake that comes loaded with chocolate chips.

Usually I feel that the Chocolate Brownie is the most overused and abused dish in majority of restaurants, they serve dry, boring brownies, sometimes with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream which is equally bad. Hence I was quite hesitant when the owner recommended their Brownies for dessert but to my surprise, it was amazing. We tried out the Salted Caramel Brownie which was a perfect blend of taste and texture! Strongly recommended! Another dessert we tried out was their Pink Ladoo which was equally good.


Overall, I feel Morselo is a good place to order food from or for takeaways, however when it comes to dining here, I find the ambiance quite average and I’m not a big fan of eating out of plastic containers with plastic cutlery when at a restaurant. However on the positive side, the food is hot, you get to speak to their cheerful owner and listen to his interesting stories about the dishes and last but not least, they do serve a cup of tea on the house each time they prepare a batch!


  • Location : 164, First Floor, Galleria, Hiranandani – Powai.

  • Cuisine : Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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The Newly Opened Hungry Head at Ghatkopar has some of the Best Maggi Creations.

My experiments with Maggi started by adding knobs of butter and slices of cheese to it, later it moved on to adding caramelized onions, fried paneer or chicken to it. However, this place takes their maggi preparations to a whole new level.

Located a stones throw away from my Alma Mater, Somaiya, this place is bound to attract several college going students alone with the locals of Ghatkopar. After multiple visits to their Powai outlet, I was curious to see what the second outlet of Hungry Head had in store.


We began by trying out some of their basic Maggi Preparations and went for the Picadilla Maggi, Thai Curry Maggi, Aglio E Olio Maggi and my favorite fro their previous outlet –  Khow Suey Maggi. While the other three are still delicious, their Khow Suey Maggi still remains my favorite dish.

To beat the summer heat along with the heat from the spices, we decided to try out some of their drinks and ended up trying almost all of them. Starting off with their Thick Shakes – Chocolate, Mast Melon, Snickers, Shahi Mango and Berry Delight, then to a few Coolers, Mojitos and Iced Teas. While we loved all of them, their Thick Shakes were the best of the lot.

Next we moved on to more complex maggi preparations, their Maggi Sizzler and Oye Punjabi Magizza. Both of which seem nice but failed to impress, especially the sizzler, more show than flavor or taste.

We then moved on to their specialty fries and blooming bread, which is their version of a Pull-apart bread. Chili Cheese Garlic and Honey Chili were the toppings we went for, while the toppings were delicious, the quality of fries were very average, the dishes could have been much better. The Blooming Bread is another dish that I dislike as it is more gimmick and less taste, while the first few bites are good, the rest of the dish is plain dry bread. Not recommended by me even though many people may like it.

Finally for desserts we had their Sizzling Brownie and Chocolava Cake with Ice Cream, both of them were quite nice but the Chocolava was a hint better. We ended with a round of Paan, Coffee and Bubble Gum shots. The paan and coffee are quite nice but the bubble gum could be avoided.

Overall this place is worth a try for maggi lovers, after all it is an iconic product that you can’t avoid whether you love it, hate it or even ban it! Maggi is here to stay!

  • Location : M G Road, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ghatkopar East,

  • Cuisine : Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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ChillPapi, Sakinaka

Finally a place to satisfy those late night hunger pangs! ChillPapi is a late night only delivery kitchen that delivers food at your doorstep from 11pm to 4am, in Sakinaka and its neighboring areas. Being someone who orders food at home quite often, ChillPapi is quite the savior as most restaurants in my area do not deliver after 11pm.

I tried out their food recently and it was quite delicious. The delivery was quick, the food neatly packed and it most importantly it arrived hot. Some of the dishes I tried out were,

Mac & Cheese Peperoncino – Creamy and delicious, loaded with cheese. The spicy masala sprinkled on top gave a nice kick to the dish.


The Eggslut Burger – This burger was huge, but sadly this was the only dish that disappointed me. The giant patty overpowered the mild flavors of the egg. Could definitely use some tweaking.


Chili Spaghetti with Cottage Cheese Burrito – Quite unusual fillings for a Burrito, but it was delicious. My favorite dish of the lot. Spicy, flavorful and filling. Just what you need in the middle of the night.


Nachos – Another nice dish and definitely something that I would love to have when those late night hunger pangs kick in. The spicy flavors of the nachos are well-balanced out with the sweet and savory cheese sauce served along with it.


Oreo Crumble Frappe – While I loved the flavors of this drink, I feel it needs to be consumed quickly after its made or else starts to form a layer of cream on the top. Another drink that could use a quick fix.


Overall, I loved the food they served and I would surely order again. Worth a try!

  • Location : Sakinaka, Andheri East.

  • Cuisine : Fast Food (Home Delivery)

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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Hungry Head, Powai

Even though I can’t cook much, I always love experimenting with Maggi Noodles. This place takes it to a whole new level. Hungry Head is a Dream Come True for any Maggi Lover (including me).

Located opposite Nirvana Park in Hiranadani, Powai, Hungry Head is a tiny outlet with outdoor seating. I visited a couple of nights ago and the October heat was getting to me. So to beat the heat we began with a round of Coolers, I ordered a Kiwi Ice Tea as I had never tasted that before. Sadly, my order was either mixed up with a regular Ice Tea or the Kiwi Ice Tea just didn’t have any hint of Kiwi in it. It was refreshing but a little disappointing. I also tasted their Jeera Twister and Green Apple Mojito. The Mojito was good and packed a punch, but the Jeera Twister was very mild.


Next we had their Khow Suey Maggi, which is by far the best combination of Maggi Noodles and additional flavor I have ever had. Absolutely Delicious and Strongly recommended. We also had a plate of fries with various dips, some of the dips were quite average and difficult to distinguish between but the Chili Garlic Dip was to die for, it gave a good kick the moment you taste it. The fries were good too.

The Mexican roll was next, a decent dish, good flavor but nothing extraordinary. The next dish however was something I wanted to try out.. A Maggi Sizzler!! An interesting concept, to serve Maggi on a Sizzling Hot Plate, full marks for innovation, but not for the execution. The maggi on the bottom was charred, maybe another layer of lettuce would help. While I liked the Maggi and Fries, I didn’t like the sauce it was served with, too much salt in it. The Kofta Balls were my favorite part of the sizzler. Another suggestion is that you don’t serve plastic spoons and forks with a Sizzler.

Down to the final dish, and the most talked about..their Blooming Bread. We went for the Aglio e Olio topping. The dish is basically a large bun sliced and stuffed with Cheese and other toppings, it does look quite picture perfect when you pull out the pieces. Sad part is that we waited a good 20 minutes for it, speaking of which, the service was the biggest con at Hungry Head. Slow and inattentive, we had to get up several times and walk up to the counter for extra tissues and forks. However a decent experience overall.


The Khow Suey Maggi was definitely the best Incarnation of Maggi I have ever come across and the dish that made my day. Worth a try!

  • Location : Hakone, Hiranandani, Powai.

  • Cuisine : Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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King Chilli Oriental, Santacruz East

Not many restaurants serve food at 5 in the evening, I was lucky this place was still open at that time. Located along the busy bylanes of Kalina, King Chili is a small Asian restaurant with another outlet just a few meters away. The ambiance is quite average but it does have air coditioning which is a life saver in Mumbai.

Hungry as ever, we began with an order of Kung Pao Potatoes. The quantity of food was quite amazing. The potatoes could have been a little more crispy but the flavors were spot on. Absolutely love the sweet and spicy Kung Pao flavor.


For mains we ordered Hunan Seafood Noodles and Chicken Thai Pot Rice. Again, the quantity of food was good, the amount of sea food served with the noodles too was much more than i expected. Both dishes had good flavor too. The blend of Soft and Crispy Noodles was the best part. We even had their Garlic Chutney which was delicious.

Service here was very polite and friendly, the ambiance however was a bit dull. But good experience overall. Their Pocket Friendly prices are sure to bring me back here for more.

Pros : Tasty Food, good quantity, pocket friendly.

Cons : Dull ambiance, seafood didn’t taste fresh.

P.s : I loved the fact their price does not increase exponentially when you upgrade your dish from veg to chicken or seafood. Worth visiting for a quick bite.

  • Location : Gwens Apartment, Kalina Kurla Road, Santacruz West.

  • Cuisine : Asian, Seafood

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)

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The American Joint, BKC

The Capital, at BKC is home to many amazing restaurants like Capital Social, The good Wife, Starbucks, Dishkiyaaon, etc. The American Joint is a 4 month old restaurant located on the first floor of The Capital at BKC. With many amazing restaurants in the same building, my expectations were quite high.


The ambiance here neat and clean, similar to what you would find at a Cafe. The service too was rather laid back and relaxed again resembling service that you would find in a Cafe rather than a restaurant.

What I liked most about this restaurant is the ordering system, wherein you place you order on a tablet. The application is very user friendly with a a simple layout. However, the photographs used could be a little better.

Coming to the food, we began with a Watermelon Lime Spritzer and a Nutella Cold, both were excellent and it raised my hopes for the dishes to follow. Sadly, it was a road downhill from here. Next we decided to try out their waffles, the Oreo Cookie Crumble Waffle and the Spread Nutella Waffle. While the toppings and flavors were delicious, the dough of the waffle was tough and chewy.


Next we tried out their San Francisco Garlic Fries, again amazingly flavored with Parmesan Cheese and Chopped Garlic, but the fries were not cooked right. The Corn Fritters which we tried next was my least favorite dish of the day, it had a nice crisp outer coating but it was not cooked in the middle which made it inedible, also the flavor seemed a bit off.

We also ordered sides of their Spicy Mayonnaise and Queso Cheese Sauce, both were delicious and worth trying out. We later washed it down with glasses of Lemon Ice Tea and Lemonade.

For mains we ordered a Chili Cheese Burger and Tomato Basil Soup. The burger patty too had the same cooking issue, but the cream cheese was absolutely delicious with a kick of green chili. The Tomato Basil soup was the best dish of the day with its mild flavor.

Time for desserts, we had a Ferrero Nutella mousse which was decent and a Coffee with donuts, which was disappointing because it was not coffee but more of a dipping sauce, not something that I could drink and the donuts were sugar coated dough balls which again were under cooked from the inside.

Pros : Clean ambiance, pocket friendly,  interesting ordering app, amazing flavors.

Cons : Serious flaw in the cooking procedure, especially for their deep fried food, which is usually caused if the food is dipped into cold oil and then heated up.

P.s : You guys have an amazing place, great concept and lovely flavors, a fix in the cooking method will surely put your place on the map.

  • Location : 1st Floor, The Capital, BKC.

  • Cuisine : Indo – Western Fusion, Organic, Jain.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

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Central Peninsula, Sion

Central Peninsula is like a crossover between a Fine Dine and a Fast Food Restaurant. After visiting the older Peninsula restaurant that’s just a few blocks away, Central Peninsula was next on my dine list. Located bang on Sion Circle, this place is easy to spot, especially with its large neon sign.

The ambiance here maybe slightly smaller than the other peninsula restaurant, but is still quite nice and has a warm feel to it. The staff here, including the watchmen are very polite its always a perfect start to a meal when u are greeted as soon as you enter.

Being the stereotypical hardcore non-vegetarian that I am, eating veg food usually includes a lot of Paneer dishes and likely so we began with round of Paneer starters. Paneer Chili Dry, Pan Fried Paneer, Paneer Coriander and just for some change we tried a Mushroom Tikka.

All the Paneer Dishes were amazing, mainly because the Paneer was soft and fresh. The Paneer Chili was my favorite since it not only had the best flavor but also the crisp coating of batter around the soft tender Paneer was a perfect combination. Strongly recommend.


Quite full from all the Paneer we decided to stay away from it for the main course. So what does a non-vegetarian order when Paneer is off the list? Triple Schezwan off course. Confused by the wide variety of dishes we went for the familiar and all time favorite Triple Schezwan which was good but no matter what, Chinese food always tastes best at a roadside tapri. Would recommend trying out their Indian dishes instead.


We also tried out a couple of their Mocktails, the Green Island and the Peninsula Special Mocktail both were a bit too sweet for our liking.

And for my favorite part, desserts, we ordered a Sizzling Brownie and Parafruit, that was recommended by the staff. The Brownie good but could have been better, similarly for the Parafruit, which is a combination of three different flavors of ice cream with slices of fresh apple and wafer biscuit topped with a cherry.

Pros : Good food, good ambiance and amazing service, quick and polite.

Cons : Few dishes could have been better, the desserts and drinks that we had were too sweet.

P.s : Peninsula Next, you’re next!

  • Location : Sion Circle, Near Sion Station.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, South Indian and Chinese

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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