La Patisserie, The Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba.

As a Mumbaikar, the Taj Mahal Hotel is holds a very special place in our hearts and making a visit to the majestic hotel is surely on the top of everyone’s wishlist, even Michelin star restaurants may take a backseat compared to a restaurant inside the Taj.

La Patisserie, as the name suggests is a small restaurant on the ground floor of the Taj Palace that serves mouth-watering Desserts and Bakery Dishes. When you take your first steps inside and even before you think of eating, you are mesmerized by the unmatched beauty of this luxurious hotel.

On our visit to this place we tried out their Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Chocolate Florentine, Coffee Croissant  and few of their specialty Chocolates like Sea Salt and Truffles, all of which were delicious with the Chocolate Truffle Pastry being my favorite. However a few disappointments were that the dishes were served on paper plates and with plastic spoons, something that you wouldn’t expect from a restaurant in Mumbai’s top Hotel but the biggest disappointment is that this place shuts down at very early around 8.30 PM.

Pros : Good food and Amazing ambiance, pocket friendly rates compared to other restaurants here.

Cons : Shuts down quite early, less seating and dishes served on paper plates.

P.s : Do visit this place earlier in the day as we visited around closing time and most of their dishes were sold out for the day.

  • Location : Ground Floor, The Taj Mahal Palace, Appolo Bunder, Colaba.

  • Cuisine : Bakery and Desserts.

  • Cost for two : Rs.1200 (approx)

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Mahalaxmi

Good things are hard to find, this holds true especially in the case of Blue Tokai which is Cafe cum Roastery hidden deep inside the by-lanes near Shakti Mills in Mahalaxmi.

Even before you enter, you are greeted with strong aroma of coffee beans roasting which instantly puts you in the mood for a cup of coffee.On our visit we were lucky enough to witness the coffee roasting process. Being in a room filled with coffee beans is probably the adult version of a kid in a candy shop.

The cafe is located in the room next door, the ambiance is simple and elegant with wooden furniture and a blue ceiling. The menu too is just perfect with only a handful of Espresso and Black Coffee varieties and without the unnecessary hot chocolate, frappes, shakes etc that other Cafe’s serve to attract a larger audience. This place is Pure Coffee. We tried out their Cortado, Flat White and Cold Coffee, all of which were simply perfect. The best part being that the coffee is served at the right temperature rather than being piping hot.

Their Desserts served here are ordered from their partners, Le 15 Patisserie and Magazine Street Kitchen. We ordered the Almond and Chocolate Croissants, both of which we absolutely delicious. Fresh, flaky and with amazing fillings, it doesn’t get better than this. Service to was spot on. A must visit place for any and every coffee lover. Strongly Recommended.

Pros : Good food, ambiance and service, a perfect dining experience.

Cons : A bit difficult to get to this place without your own vehicle.

P.s : This cafe may not be very popular right now but if they keep up to the same quality of service I’m sure it will be of the best cafes in Mumbai in the next couple of years.

  • Location : Shakti Mills lane, Mahalaxmi.

  • Cuisine : Cafe

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)


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Olympia Coffee House, Colaba

Olympia Coffee House is the place to be if you are at Colaba, Hungry and on a Tight Budget looking for Tasty Food. This small little Mughlai restaurant has been around for ages and is buzzing with hungry diners all the time.

I have visited this restaurant several times as it was located a few minutes away from my college. Breakfast, lunch, a light evening snack, dinner, whatever time you visit, this place is never empty and it never fails to disappoint.

Their Bun Maska and Chai is my all time favorite and I can have it at anytime of the day or night and after any meal. Kheema pav and Eggs, either fried sunny side up or scrambled makes for a perfect breakfast while their Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutton Chap, Paneer Palak, etc are worth trying out if you are visiting for lunch or dinner.

Last but not least, their Caramel Custard is the perfect way to end your meal at this lovely restaurant.


Caramel Custard

Pros : Tasty food, friendly service and good value for money.

Cons : The ambiance is a bit unhygienic

  • Location : Colaba Causeway, SB Road.

  • Cuisine : Mughlai and North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.400 (approx)

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Fat Man’s Cafe, Bandra

Fat Man’s Cafe is one of those tiny cafes with beautiful ambiance and good food. Located on a quiet road in one of Bandra’s by-lanes, this place is a good way to escape and relax over a coffee and a nice meal.

I visited this place on a rainy evening, the antique furniture and wall decor made this place all the more cosy. I tried out their Waffles with Maple Syrup and Bananas which was quite nice, the waffles were crisp and the syrup was nice. The downside to this place was the slow service. Despite being the only customer at the restaurant, it took a good half hour for my food to arrive.


Waffles with Banana and Maple Syrup.

Pros : Good food and ambiance.

Cons : Small seating area, very slow service, food is a bit expensive.

  • Location : ONGC Colony, Reclamation, Bandra West

  • Cuisine : Cafe food, healthy food.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1500 (approx)

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Spesso Gourmet Kitchen, Nariman Point

I was quite interested in visiting this restaurant after I came across hundreds of pictures, if not less, of their signature “Freak Shake” on social media. It looked like a messy concoction of Chocolate and Cream served in a Jar, and I just had to try it.

So not knowing much about this restaurant, my brother and I decided to hunt it down after dinner, for some of their eye catching desserts. Not knowing what to expect we managed to track down this restaurant in one of the lanes in Nariman Point. And much to our surprise, this place was a huge, elegant, Fine Dine Restaurant. The Ambiance here is lovely, the desserts kept on display just filled me up with excitement.

The menu here was a bit confusing as it had lots of dishes which made it difficult to choose. Wishing that I could have all the dishes on their desserts menu, we went for the “King of Sundaes” and of course their “Freak Shake.”

The Freak Shake was every bit sinful as it looked in the photographs, we went with the Nutella and Hazelnut flavor and from the very first bite, tasted out of this world. A beautiful blend of flavors and textures, the freak shake is a must try. The best part of it was the Chocolate on top. However this is not a dish for the health conscious or small bellies, as its mainly Nutella with Cream, which makes it very very heavy.

The King of Sundaes on the other hand was a nice contrast to the rich chocolate flavor of the Freak Shake. It is a blend of Diced Fruits, small pieces of Cake and Brownies with three scoops of Ice Cream with a drizzle of jam and had a sweet sour taste. However this dish was a bit disappointing as waiter promised that it would contain Exotic Fruits and Ice Cream Flavors but rather it was just Pears and Green Apple and the Ice Cream flavors were Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango which was quite ordinary.


Pros : Good Ambiance and Service, Good Quality Food with Amazing Presentation.

Cons : Would not recommend the Freak Shake to the diet conscious, food is heavy on the wallet.

P.s : Spesso is definitely a place to visit if you wish to treat yourself or someone special. And yes, if the calories don’t matter, do try out the Shake.

  • Location : Regent Chambers, Nariman Point.

  • Cuisine : Europian, Mexican and Desserts

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1400 (approx)

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1441 Pizzeria

This tiny little Pizza Restaurant located near Lions Gate in Fort will give 1441 reasons to smile. From the moment you enter you feel you are in a different country altogether with the ambiance, decor and atmosphere. A treat for all your senses.

On my visit, we went straight for their Flagship “Make your own Gourmet Pizza.” It was quite exciting watching your pizza being built from the base up right in front of you. The toppings we choose were, Alfredo sauce, Smoked Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Jalapenos, Olives, Zucchini , Mushrooms, Meat Balls, Peri Peri Paneer, Spicy Sausage, Chicken and Olive Salami, Pesto Chicken and Pepperoni Chicken topped with some BBQ Sauce. We also went for their Bottomless Aerated drinks.

The Making

The service was good and quick, the pizza arrived within a few minutes. The pizza with its large number of topping was a blast of flavor and the blue cheese was the key winning ingredient which gave the pizza its distinct Gourmet Flavor. The downside however was the pizza base, though it was fresh and well cooked, it was very thin, almost the thickness of a Chapati which made it quite a task to lift the pizza slices without dropping the toppings off. We ended up rolling the slices. Another great thing about with this place was the Chili and Garlic flavored Olive Oil served with the pizza, it increased the madness of flavor exponentially.

Pros : Great concept, unlimited toppings, great taste, good service and ambiance.

Cons : Pizza base was quite thin and lacked the “bite” you expect when you are eating a pizza which left me a little unsatisfied.

P.s : The Bottomless Aerated Drinks require you to get up and fill it yourself which is quite disappointing as no diner would like to leave his meal and get up for a refill. However a wonderful place and would strongly recommend trying it out.

  • Location : Near Lions Gate, S B Road, Fort.

  • Cuisine : Pizzas (Italian)

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1200 (approx)

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5 Spice, Fort

Do you love Chinese food and large quantities of food at good value for money?, then 5 Spice is a dream come true! I have visited this particular outlet a couple of times and had similar experiences. If you visit this place around lunch time make sure you are ready to wait in line.

The dining room is divided into two the Non-Ac one is quite small and stuffy, but the Air Conditioned half is more comfortable. The ambiance is good, but not as great compared to their Sakinaka outlet which i prefer visiting. Service on average is quite slow.

The food, very similar to other outlets, absolutely love their massive quantities and amazing flavor. However, most of the main courses taste quite similar and is difficult to distinguish between. The dish i loved most here was the Kung Pao Potatoes, absolutely amazing dish. And the various chutneys does help bring all that food alive. Other dishes worth trying out are Peking Rice, Nanking Rice, Thai Pot Rice and Crispy Hunan Rice.

One serious problem with the food though is the amount of oil in their main course. You start off your meal with great excitement but sooner or later the food gets cold and the oil gets to you and you can’t continue eating.

Saving the best for last …The Desserts! The have an amazing array of desserts, absolutely loved their Rocky Road Sundae, Mission Impossible and Death by Chocolate. Worth a try!


Death by Chocolate

Pros : Ginormous quantity, great taste, good value for money, amazing desserts

Cons : Average service and ambiance, similar tasting food, long wait for getting a table and the biggest of all..oil.

P.s : Would be amazing if they included their chutneys with takeaways, it does not taste the same without them.

  • Location : Perin Nariman Street, Fort.

  • Cuisine : Chinese/Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 800 (approx)

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