The Best Place to have Asian Food in Dadar with your Family ?

Located right opposite the famous Sena Bhavan, China Bistro in Dadar has always been on my wish list to try out. The ambiance here is quite pleasant and the service is polite and friendly. However, it does seem rather formal where you would want to dine with your family rather than friends.


I visited this place for dinner and we began with a round of starters and went for the Conpoy Fish Bao and Prawns Har Gao DimSums. The Bao was light and fluffy and the fish filling was delicious! Even the Dimsums were filled with prawns, Perfect and worth trying out!

Impressed with their starters we went for some more, Sea Bass in Cumin BBQ Sauce, BBQ Skewered Prawns and Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken. What we didn’t expect were the size of the portions, they were huge! The Sea Bass was tender and flavorful, the prawns too were quite nice but the Mandarin Chicken was simply amazing, the best dish we had that day! Tender chicken with a spicy batter coating. Must try!

Filled with the unexpected portion sizes, we skipped mains and went for desserts. The staff suggested we try out something unique so we went for their Chocolate Tsunami and Guava Ice Cream. Chocolate Tsunami is basically a Chocolate Mousse topped off with Hot Chocolate Sauce, tastes good but not quite unique as I expected. The Guava Ice Cream on the other hand was supposed to be a scoop of Guava Ice Cream but turned out to be a Slice of Guava Kulfi with Chili Powder Sprinkled over it. While I like the combination of Guava and Chili, the creamy kulfi flavor spoiled the fun, but still quite nice.

The Cocktails we tried out were Insane Russians which was basically a Black Russian with Vodka and Kahlua, amazing as always! A Peach Bellini, mild and elegant. Irish Mellow, combination of Bailey’s and Bubble Gum Liqueur, not the best combination, I would prefer them separate, also the ice made the drink way to mild. The Mocktails I had were, Apple Basil Martini which was delicious, Apricot Orange Blossom – not a big fan of citrus and milk together and a Blue Berry Passion – a nice drink but a small issue with the glass it is served in, as the berries remain sunk like the Titanic at the bottom of the tall glass!

Overall the food here is amazing, the drinks could have been better and the service and ambiance make it a perfect place to dine with your family.

  • Location : Opposite Sena Bhavan, Shivaji Park, Dadar

  • Cuisine : Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

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18 Years on, Indigo at Colaba still is one of the Most Elegant restaurants in Mumbai

As you walk by along the inner lanes of Colaba, you might pass by Indigo thinking it is an old colonial era bungalow, because that is exactly what Indigo is! A beautiful colonial bungalow converted into a restaurant way back in 1999.IMG_2645.JPG

A stone’s throw away from my college, a visit to Indigo was always on my wish-list and it was truly worth the wait. Stepping into this restaurant feels like stepping back in time, you are overwhelmed with nostalgia and hospitality whilst still having that feeling of home. The interiors are simple and elegant, wooden doors and furniture along with a wooden bar. They even have beautiful aquatic themed artwork hanging on the walls.

The service too was elegant and professional while still being warm and friendly, even the chef was kind enough to come to our table and explain his amazing creations. Speaking of which, Indigo offers a three course, Continental/European style meal which consists of a soup, an appetizer followed by the main course and dessert.

We began our evening with a round of Cocktails and an Amuse Bouche, a selection of Fresh Breads and Herb infused Butter. I never knew bread could taste so good by itself!

The course starts of with soups, we tried out the Chicken and Truffle Veloute and the Indigo Lobster Bisque. The Chicken soup is served with a Crispy Stuffed Chicken Wing and Roasted Baby Vegetables, the Veloute was rich, creamy and with a sprinkle of freshly crushed pepper this dish takes you straight to heaven. However the Lobster Bisque made me forget all about the previous dish, it was by far the best soup I have ever had, if not the best dish. I fall short on words to describe it.

Just as we thought, things can’t get any better, our appetizers arrived at the table. We went for the Beef Carpaccio and a Local Seafood Platter. The Beef Carpaccio comes served with a Fruit Tartare and capers that help elevate the mild flavor of the beef. The beef on the other hand was as tender as butter and looks as good as it tastes. If this dish didn’t fill my eyes with happy tears, the next dish surely did! Being a seafood lover, it doesn’t get any better than this. The dish itself looks like artwork, almost like the bottom of the ocean with octopus tentacles climbing out of it. It is served with two Broths, Tomato Fennel and an absolutely delicious Potato cream and butter sauce. While not many might like this dish, I loved it!

Coming to mains, we tried out their Shiraz Braised Jodhpuri Goat Shanks and a dish that I have longed to try out ever since I started watching videos of Masterchef and Gordon Ramsay – The Indigo Beef Wellington. The Chef informed us that the Goat Shanks are actually bought from Johdpur, thousands of kilometers away, it  comes served with Dill Pilaf, Caramelized Figs and a Pomegranate Gastrique, Delicious! The Beef Wellington tasted just as I dreamed to be, what I didn’t expect was the crackling sound the knife made as it cut through the Puff Pastry. It is served alongside Truffled Mash, Onion and Shallot Confit and Buttered Asparagus. While the dish looks small and harmless, it was extremely filling!

Finally for desserts we tried out the Chocolate Forrest and Match Panna Cotta, both were quite nice but the previous dishes overpowered the desserts!

The Cocktails we tried out were Indigo Passion, Indigo Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, Americano, White Russian and a Scotch Sour. Again quite nice but the food overpowers it all!

In today’s world where restaurants try to show off their fancy interiors and complicated dishes with unnecessary ingredients, Indigo stands out as a clear example of how simplicity is still the best! A must visit place for any seafood or european lover or any food lover in general! With so many “bests” this restaurant is definitely one of the best I have visited.

  • Location : 4, Mandalik Road (Behind Taj Palace), Colaba.

  • Cuisine : European and Continental

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.6000 (approx)

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Try out Mumbai’s Best Sushi at Pa Pa Ya, Colaba.

As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree, Zorawar Kalra’s Pa Pa Ya is just as fascinating as Jiggs Kalra’s Masala Library. Being a Sushi lover, a visit to Pa Pa Ya has been on my wish list ever since I heard about this place. While I haven’t visited their first outlet in Lower Parel, I recently visited their new outlet in Colaba. Sushi is already quite an exquisite dish but Pa Pa Ya takes it to a whole new level.

Located right next to Colaba Social and behind the iconic Taj Palace, this place is a must visit. The ambiance beautiful with its red and yellow theme, probably derived from its name which means High Energy.

We began our evening with a round of Amuse Bouche to prepare our palate for the sensory feast that was to follow, it consisted of Basil infused Watermelon, served in a shell with Lemongrass Foam.IMG_3794

Spicy Shiitake Roll and Crispy Roll : The first round of Sushi was vegetarian, and they tasted far better than any of the Non vegetarian Seafood Sushi I have tried over the years. The Crispy roll had an amazing combination of textures with the Softness of Rice and the Crispness of deep-fried Spinach. Worth a try!

Sushi Tree : If only Sushi grew on tress, I would have a whole plantation of Sushi Trees. It had varieties of Salmon, Tuna, Crab and Eel. It was the first time I tried eel and it was very flavorful and the best Sushi I had that night. Do try it out!

Also worth mentioning that the Ginger and Wasabi served along with it were out of this world, very strong and absolutely delicious.

Pork Buns : Though I can’t remember the exact name of this dish, the memory of taking a bite into this dish will be long cherished. Soft, sticky, chewy, bursting with flavor and piping hot in the middle. Almost burnt my mouth trying to eat it at one go but it was worth it!


Carbon Sushi : The dish synonymous with Pa Pa Ya, finally I get to try it out. It was totally worth the wait, however the rest of the dishes were equally good, I wonder why this dish stands out among them.

Hargao Green and Sushi Arancini : The Hargao looks delicate, feels delicate and tastes the same way too, worth showcasing in a museum. While the Arancini had a blend of strong flavors and crispness or bread crumbs.

Pla Samrot : This was my favorite dish of the day, a perfect blend of sweet and spicy with a dash of sour in the middle. The Deep Fried Shrimp is glazed with a sweet sauce, the Dehydrated Pineapple has a sweet taste which turns sour in the middle while you end with a mild heat from the Green Chili Sauce at the bottom, Delightful!


Soft Shell Crab Bun : Just as I felt that I have tastes the best that Pa Pa Ya has to offer, the next dish was a dream come true. I wanted to try out Soft Shell Crab since a while and finally here it was, totally worth the wait. The Slider Buns are blackened with Squid Ink, making this dish even more exquisite, while the crabs are served Deep Fried – Tempura Style. To sum it up this was the best burger/slider I have ever had, mild flavors and a mix of soft and crisp textures. I wanted to have another round, but then we would have to skip mains.


Amuse Bouche : After so many rounds of explosive flavors, the mild tasting Coconut based amuse bouche was a nice way of cleansing the palate for the main course.


Main Course – Kao Pad Karpao Rice, Singapore Chili Crab, Wok Fried Chicken and Mantao Buns : Just as I was sulking about the Soft Shell Crabs, voila, there it was for Mains as well, served with a Spicy and Tangy Singapore Chili Gravy. It was the best dish from the lot, while the others were nice too. The Chicken had a strong taste of lemongrass and the Rice was flavorful too. The buns were soft and Chewy, went well with the Chili Crab Curry.

Chocolate Ball on fire : Finally time for desserts, I was eager to know if it would be just as fascinating as the rest of my meal. The name said it all, a treat for all your senses. The aroma of Flaming Sambuca, the sight of a Chocolate Ball melting, revealing its inner goodness and the mad mix of flavors, what a way to end a perfect evening!

The Drinks we tried of there were Fuku Sour, Kasoi Tail, Whiskey Sour and my favorite of the lot, U-Isuki-Sho. The Fuku Sour is a Melon and Raw Mango flavored drink, the Kasoi Tail comes with an aromatic incense stick, the Whiskey sour was just perfect with its layer of cream from the egg white and the U-Isuki-Sho tastes as good as it sounds, a watermelon based drink topped off with Vanilla Ice Cream and infused with Bourbon.

Overall, this was one of the best places I have ever visited, and totally worth the cost especially if you are a Sushi Lover. Can’t wait to visit this place again. A special shout out to the staff, the best service I have ever received, a perfect combination of politeness and professionalism, with good knowledge about all the dishes, the manager and his suggestions surely made our evening extra special. A bench-mark for other restaurants to follow.

  • Location : Hotel Diplomat, Colaba, Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Asian, Sushi

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 5000 (approx)


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Masala Library, BKC

I have visited several amazing restaurants in Mumbai, and then I visited Masala Library which was by far the best out of them all, so much so that I may fall short on words to describe how extraordinary my experience here was. On my visit, I was filled with a lot of excitement and sky-high expectations as I had heard several positive reviews of this place, and it surely lived up to them all.

As you step in, the ambiance does feel very inviting and warm. The tables are set up beautifully with wine glasses and the staff is quite friendly too. I loved the way the they change the table setting after every course and the way they explain each and every dish down to the last detail. Quite a treat for any food lover.

We started of with a couple of House Specialty Cocktails, all of which had some or the other use of spices in them. Their Masala Library Margarita was not only my favorite of the lot but also the best Cocktail I have ever had. I consists of whole spices perfectly flambeed in Tequila that actually improves the flavor of the drink.
Just a sip of it, and I had my Ratatouille Moment.

We tried out the chefs tasting menu, which is a fixed menu of five different courses with several rounds of amuse bouche served in between these courses . The dishes we tried out were as follows,

– Amuse Bouche – Thandai Shot and Maska Pav

A nice way to ready your palate for the exciting courses to come.

– Course 1 – Soup

Steamed Patrani Macchi with Lemon Coriander Shorba, served along with salted Edamame beans – mildly spiced, the was fish perfectly tender and flavorful and the edamame beans complimented the flavor of the soup.

– Course 2 – Salad

Prawns spiced with curry leaf and pepper, served along with banana chips and thayir sadam(curd rice) – Tender, juicy and packed with flavor, the most amazing prawn dish ever, the spiciness of the prawn is well balanced with the sweet and sour curd rice which you eat with the banana chips as spoon.

– Course 3 – Starters

Galawat Kebab – A really tiny dish, and again, the best piece of kebab I have ever had, spicy and tender. Served along with varqi paratha whose sweetness compliments the spicy kebab.

Bacon Wrapped Tandoori Morel – After the best prawns and kebabs, it was time for the best slice of bacon, served along with a deep fried lotus stem. Absolutely delicious.


Piri Piri Chicken Tikka – A large juicy chunk of perfectly spiced chicken served with raita and a slice of pink ginger that just made the dish come alive.


Pan Seared Scallop – I have always wondered what scallops taste like, its soft and tastes similar to shell-fish. The peanut salad dressing gave it an Indian flavor.

Braised Mutton Chaap – Glazed with Maple and Kokum syrup, this succulent mutton rib had a very unique taste and the knife cut through it like butter. Perfect!

– Amuse Bouche – Sorbet


Mishti Doi Popsicles – Sweet and tangy, it did help to wash away the flavors from the starters and prepared the palate for the main course.

– Course 4 – Main Course

Pan Seared Rawas – Served alongside sauteed Crab and Spinach. The spice sprinkled on the fish was just mind-blowing, lip smacking and spicy, it went well with the bitterness of the Spinach and the sweetness of the Basa. Another perfect combination of flavors and textures.


Kashmiri Chili Duck – Tangy and Spicy, and the first time I tried out duck. Quite delicious.

Dal Bhukara – Served as a side dish, this was the only dish from the entire menu that I found quite average and could have been better.

Tadke Wali Dahi – After trying out the best preparations of meat, this was the best version of Boondi Raita that I have had. Spiced with Curry leaves and simply delicious.

Selection of Rotis – The rotis too were quite nice, however nothing compared the madness of flavors that I had just experienced. They even had kulchas stuffed with prawn Balchao, which was quite interesting.

– Course 5 – Desserts


Ras Malai Tres Leches – A very photogenic dish that tasted even better, soft and tender Rasmalai, floating in a pool of delicious Saffron Milk. Quite a large portion.
Jalebi Caviar served with Saffron Foam and Rabdi – Enough Said! A perfect ending to an amazing dinner.

– Amuse Bouche – Childhood Memories

Paan flavored Cotton Candy, perfectly blended flavors and a nice mouth freshener to end the night with.

Masala Library may be expensive but it it’s definitely the finest of fine dining restaurants that will leave you satisfied and wanting for more. Strongly recommended!

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  • Location : Citibank Building, BKC.

  • Cuisine : North and South Indian

  • Cost : Rs.7000 for 2 (approx)

The Oriental Hub, Vashi

I visited The Oriental Hub last weekend for the launch of their new All Day Breakfast menu. Located right outside Inorbit Mall, it was not difficult to find. The ambiance is quite nice and cosy with a dim yellow lighting.


We began by trying out dishes from the new Breakfast menu and started off with an all time favorite – Kheema Pav, the Kheema Pav here is served with a twist, they use Pita Bread instead of the usual Bakery Pav.  Full marks for presentation and the Kheema was fresh and delicious too and went well with the mild flavor of the Pita Bread, but is it better than the usual Kheema and Pav ? Maybe not for me.


Next we tried out the Kheema Ghotala or Ghotala Pita Pav as they call it. Just as Kheema Ghotala is blended with egg, here it comes with a fried egg and Pita Bread. It did taste much better than the regular Kheema.


The Masala Cheese Pav was the next dish from the breakfast menu. Apparently it is a blend of flavors from four different cuisines but I could not taste it. Quite the average veg burger and my least favorite dish of the day. Though the presentation is absolutely beautiful, just like the rest of the dishes.


The last dish that I had from the Breakfast menu was their Scrambled Omelette, sounds almost like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it? The server tried to explain the dish but it was beyond my understanding. However, leaving aside the complicated names and explanation, the omelette had a very simple and subtle taste and was soft like custard from the inside. I totally loved this dish for its simplicity in flavor. My favorite from the new menu.


Next we tried a few dishes from their old Asian Menu. The Chicken and Prawn Momos were perfect, just the way Momos should be. Tender and Packed with flavor that does not over power the taste of chicken and prawn. The last dish was  Smoked Chicken in Red Chili, again flavored to perfection, spicy but not to spicy, crunchy from the outside while still tender on the inside. Worth trying out.

The Cocktails we ordered were the Acharioshka. Green Lantern, Oreo Magic Blast, Roman Punch, English Summer and Pan a la Lorenn, from which I tried out the Acharioshka, their Indian themed Caprioska with Pickle. Its sour and spicy and has a nice kick to it. It tastes good for a couple of sips, but I surely can’t have a whole glass of it. The Oreo Magic Blast was lovely, my favorite cocktail of the day.  I also tried out the Pan a la Lorenn, which is a blue colored paan and mint flavored drink. The first sip was quite refreshing, almost like having mint after a good meal but the after taste it had, was just terrible and nauseous. I finished off with a glass of wine that was lovely and that took care of the bad taste from the paan drink. Worth trying out.

Overall, the oriental hub seems to be a good place to hang out with friends or family, the food is quite good though the drinks could have been better. Coming to my take on the new breakfast menu, though the food is good, I feel that you are hitting the axe on your own foot when you try to complicate classic dishes. Breakfast is best when its simple. However, its worth trying out.

  • Location : Ground Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Breakfast and Asian

  • Cost : Rs.1400 for 2 (approx)

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90 Ft Above, Borivali

90 Ft above is a rooftop and fine dine restaurant in Borivali that is designed to perfection. Initially I was quite doubtful on whether I should visit a rooftop place for lunch as I didn’t want to get roasted under the hot afternoon sun. But unlike other rooftop places that I have visited, 90 ft has a huge air-conditioned dining hall along with their open air seating area which makes it a perfect place for both lunch and dinner.

As I mentioned the ambiance is quite lovely even in the afternoon and I’m sure it only gets better after the sun sets. The service here was spot on, the waiters spoke very politely and always had a smile on their face which made the dining experience all the more pleasant.

Coming to the food, since we were Non-vegetarians at a veg restaurant, we had to start with a round of Paneer dishes and went for the Achari Paneer Tikka and Massaman Cottage Cheese. The Paneer Tikka had the usual tikka taste but the Massaman Paneer was quite extraordinary. It had a spicy Thai-Coconut milk taste that went very well with the soft tender Paneer. Do try it out, it was surely the best dish of the day.

Impressed by the unusual taste we decided to go for more non-mainstream dishes like the Popeye Gnocchi and Pav Bhaji fondue. The Gnocchi had a mild sweet and savory taste and smooth creamy texture that went well with the crunchy toasted bread served along with it. However, it was quite opposite with the Pav Bhaji Fondue, the bhaji was excellent, spicy and had a kick to it but the Pav served along with it was quite ordinary. It would be perfect if they had fried it over butter or masala as they usually do with Pav Bhaji. We also went for a plate of Cheesy Crumbs that were light crispy and delicious.

Sadly, they only serve Indian food during the day and their Wok station starts in the night, so we decided to skip the main course end our meal with extra desserts. We tried out the Basundi shots, Gulab Jamun Lasagne and a Tiramisu. The Basundi shots had flavors of Mango, Rose and Paan, which was quite unique, the Tiramisu however was frozen from inside which ruined the texture though it was beautifully decorated. The lasagne had three layers, Moti Chur Laddu covered with Gulab Jamun pieces and topped of with Rabdi.

The drinks we had were a bit disappointing, we went with their house specialty Cocktails, Lynchburg and Asian Yuzu. The lynchburg had a mild fruity flavor with a weak bitter aftertaste, which only got milder and weaker as the ice started to blend in with the drink. The Asian Yuzu on the other had a strong kick of lemon that overpowered the other ingredients. Though it was better than the lynchburg, its not for someone who doesn’t like a strong, sour tasting drink.

A lovely lunch overall, the staff and ambiance were the highlights of the meal. This place truly does justice to the rooftop experience. Worth visiting!

  • Location : Rooftop, Vini Elegance, Borivali West.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, Italian and Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

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Peninsula Next, Sion

Located right next to the first Peninsula  restaurant opposite PVR/Cinemax, Peninsula Next is a Vegetarian Fine Dine Restaurant and after visiting the other two Peninsula restaurants in Sion, Peninsula Next was the last on my list.

The restaurant is huge and the ambiance here is beautiful, much better than the other two. They even have a Silver Cow next to the reception to greet you.

On our visit, we began with ordering starters from their various cuisines, a Mexican starter – Hash Corn Vegetables, Indian – Firangi Paneer Tikka and a Chinese starter – Dragon Fang Paneer.
The Hash Corn Vegetables is a light dish that is a blend of sweet and spicy sauce over diced vegetables and two veg patties.


The Firangi Paneer Tikka is a heavier dish with huge chunks of  Paneer coated with Cheese and layered between Tomatoes, Onions and Capsicum.


While the Dragon Fang Paneer had chunks of paneer with a crispy fried noodle like coating, served with an absolutely amazing Plum Chili Sauce. All three were delicious and worth trying out.


We washed away all those amazing spices with glasses of Peach Ice Tea, a Pineapple Colada, Mojito and their specialty, a Green Envy, which is a blend of guava and other juices.

After the starters raised the bar for the evening, we went for their French Onion Soup and had high expectations from it. The soup is a rich creamy blend of Caramelized Onions and Spices with Crispy Cheese Croutons, absolutely delicious and one of the best soups I have ever had. Strongly Recommended.

As expectations raised higher with the soup, we went for their Spicy Red Thai Curry for our main course. And to our delight, it was just perfect. Creamy, Spicy and Delicious. Even the pieces of Paneer in the curry were tender. Another strongly recommended dish.

Finally it was time my favorite part of the meal, desserts! With expectations higher than ever we decided to try out their Chocolate Valley and Kulfi Radbi Falooda. Sadly they didn’t match the level set by the previous dishes. The Chocolate Valley has a scoop of chocolate Ice Cream over a scoop of Chocolate mousse, while the Ice Cream was nice, the mousse was a little tough. The Kulfi Rabdi Falooda was nice too, but I could not distinguish between the Kulfi and the Rabdi as it was either melted or blended together.

Overall, my dinner here was delightful, the food is absolutely amazing and the service and ambiance is good too. Being a hardcore non vegetarian, not once did I miss or think about it. Looks like I clearly saved the best Peninsula for last. While this place may be heavy on your wallet, it’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Location : Opposite PVR Cinema, Sion.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 2000 (approx)

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