The Newly Opened Hungry Head at Ghatkopar has some of the Best Maggi Creations.

My experiments with Maggi started by adding knobs of butter and slices of cheese to it, later it moved on to adding caramelized onions, fried paneer or chicken to it. However, this place takes their maggi preparations to a whole new level.

Located a stones throw away from my Alma Mater, Somaiya, this place is bound to attract several college going students alone with the locals of Ghatkopar. After multiple visits to their Powai outlet, I was curious to see what the second outlet of Hungry Head had in store.


We began by trying out some of their basic Maggi Preparations and went for the Picadilla Maggi, Thai Curry Maggi, Aglio E Olio Maggi and my favorite fro their previous outlet –  Khow Suey Maggi. While the other three are still delicious, their Khow Suey Maggi still remains my favorite dish.

To beat the summer heat along with the heat from the spices, we decided to try out some of their drinks and ended up trying almost all of them. Starting off with their Thick Shakes – Chocolate, Mast Melon, Snickers, Shahi Mango and Berry Delight, then to a few Coolers, Mojitos and Iced Teas. While we loved all of them, their Thick Shakes were the best of the lot.

Next we moved on to more complex maggi preparations, their Maggi Sizzler and Oye Punjabi Magizza. Both of which seem nice but failed to impress, especially the sizzler, more show than flavor or taste.

We then moved on to their specialty fries and blooming bread, which is their version of a Pull-apart bread. Chili Cheese Garlic and Honey Chili were the toppings we went for, while the toppings were delicious, the quality of fries were very average, the dishes could have been much better. The Blooming Bread is another dish that I dislike as it is more gimmick and less taste, while the first few bites are good, the rest of the dish is plain dry bread. Not recommended by me even though many people may like it.

Finally for desserts we had their Sizzling Brownie and Chocolava Cake with Ice Cream, both of them were quite nice but the Chocolava was a hint better. We ended with a round of Paan, Coffee and Bubble Gum shots. The paan and coffee are quite nice but the bubble gum could be avoided.

Overall this place is worth a try for maggi lovers, after all it is an iconic product that you can’t avoid whether you love it, hate it or even ban it! Maggi is here to stay!

  • Location : M G Road, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ghatkopar East,

  • Cuisine : Fast Food

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

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Summer House Cafe, Lower Parel

Summer House Cafe, just as the name suggests is like a rustic home away from home, where you can unwind and relax with friends. The ambiance inside is huge and beautifully designed. To make things better, they even had a live band performance on the night of my visit. Even the service was polite and friendly, the manger too was keen on explaining his dishes to us. Just Perfect!


To beat the summer heat, we began with a round of coolers and tried out the Watermelon Mint Smash and a Yuzu Pineapple Smash. While the watermelon was a bit too mild for my taste, the yuzu with its bitter-sweet and sour taste was spot on refreshing

For starters we tried out the Seafood Basket, Seafood Platter, Golden Fried Bacon Crisps, Char Grilled Tandoori Chicken and their staff recommended Bacon Wrapped Sausages. The Seafood Basket had Deep Fried Calamari Strips, Zesty Fish Fingers and Popcorn Shrimp, the shrimp being the best of the lot. The Seafood Platter had similar preparations but the shrimp was replaced with Cumin and Mint Fish Tikka.

Golden Fried Bacon Strips were deep fried strips of bacon that just crumble in your mouth, Sinfully Delicious! The Grilled Tandoori was quite nice too, huge chunks of Charred Spicy Chicken that goes well with a dash of Lime. The Bacon Wrapped Sausages was by far the best dish of the day, soft and tender with a delicious glaze of BBQ Sauce.

Almost stuffed with starters we went for a round of Smoked Ribs and Pan Seared Sole for our main course. The Ribs were heavenly, soft, tender and delicious. The Pan Seared Sole was even better, cooked in a delicious Butter Garlic Sauce and served alongside creamy Potato Mash and Sauteed Veggies. Strongly Recommended!

Dessert was nothing less than perfect either, we went for the Ultimate Banoffee Pie and their Tiramisu. While the Pie was quite heavy because of the rich toffee sauce, the Tiramisu was very light with a kick of Old Monk. A perfect end to a perfect night!

The Drinks we tried out here were Summer House LIIT, Made in the City, Pineapple Express and Rich Dog, all of them were quite nice but they could have been a little stronger as the flavors were diluted by the amount of ice in them.

Overall, Summer House Cafe is a treat for all your senses and a must visit place to just kick back and relax!

  • Location : Todi Mill, Lower Parel.

  • Cuisine : American & Italian.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2500 (approx)

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Bombay Barbeque, Khar

I visited this place for the first time on Sunday with my family for their Sunday Brunch Buffet. The layout was similar to that of BBQ Nation which I had visited previously. The ambiance will make you feel nostalgic with all the antiques hanging off the walls. We even had a small canoe right next to our table.

As we arrived before the kithen opened, we had to wait a while before the grill was set up. We began with a round of Chat, I tried out Pani Puri and Dahi Puri, both were quite nice and served Ice Cold. Then to the rest of their starters which in my opinion is the main attraction and star of their buffet, we began with skewers of Fish, Chicken and Prawns on the Tabletop Grill. The fish was my favorite of the three.

The staff also served Baked Potatoes in Cajun Sauce, Roasted Chicken Legs, Corn, Mutton Kebabs and even Pizza. While I wouldn’t recommend the pizza, the rest of them were good, especially their baked potatoes. Absolutely loved the Cajun Sauce.

We also tried out their Stir Fry counter, wherein you can select your choice of protein, either Fish, Mutton, Chicken, Seafood, Duck, Tofu, Mushrooms, etc and mix it with any of their sauces. I mixed duck, seafood, mutton and tofu with Plum Chili Sauce. While the Mutton and Seafood was good, the duck was bad, the meat was burnt and filled with tiny bones.

Coming to Main Course, which I didn’t have much of as I was saving space for dessert, I had the Mutton Rassa and Fish Curry. Both were well spiced and tender. I even tried some of their Mocktails, they were quite refreshing and packed with flavor.

Finally desserts, there was a wide variety to choose from and I tried to sample most of it. My favorites were Rasmalai, Firni and Gulab Jamun Pops, while the rest of the desserts too were nice, the Jalebi was not that great.

The staff here was quite friendly, they even sing and dance. Complete Entertainment and a very Memorable Dining Experience. Worth Visiting.

  • Location : Dr.Ambedkar Road Junction, Khar West.

  • Cuisine : Buffet, Asian, North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2200 (approx)

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Starbucks, R City

Starbucks is definitely my favorite coffee chain in the city. Just like its other outlets, full marks for ambiance and service. Right from the dim lighting, seating arrangement and friendly staff, this place makes sure you have a memorable experience and you feel like coming back for more. However the only thing which stops you from coming back often is the cost which is on the higher side.

The coffee here is absolutely bang on, just the way it should be served. Their large sizes are actually large and I love it. Writing the names of the customers on the take away Coffee glasses too makes the visit more personal and memorable, though they never get my name right. Their specials menu, like the Christmas menu however failed to impress me. Cafe Americano and Mocha Frappachino are my favorites here.

Pros : Great ambiance and service and good coffee.

Cons : Heavy on your wallet.

  • Location : R City, Ghatkopar West

  • Cuisine : Cafe

  • Cost for 2 : Rs. 800 (approx)

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Gurukripa, Powai

Up until now, Gurukripa was synonymous with Chole Samosa and SIES College in Sion. But this beautiful restaurant located on the crowded Saki-Vihar road, is a haven for hungry travelers. It is beautiful not only from the inside but also from the outside with its welcoming neon signs. I stopped by this place a few nights ago for a nice long dinner.

For appetizers we tried the Crispy Masala Papad with Cheese, Chicken Kalimiri ka Shorba and Peru Pyala which was their staff recommended Mocktail. The Masala Papad was bursting with savory and flavors and the overload of cheese just brings the dish to life.

For starters we had Paneer in Oyster sauce and Chicken Ghee Roast. The Paneer was tender, fresh and spiced to perfection but the Chicken Ghee Roast was my favorite dish of the day with its mild flavor, crispy coating from the caramelized Ghee and almost melt in your mouth texture of the chicken. Strongly recommended dish.

Almost full from the appetizers and starters, we decided to go light on the main course and ordered a Prawns Fried Rice. It was perfectly cooked with aromatic rice, flavorful pieces of diced prawn and garnished with spring onion.


And finally for desserts we had to try their Gadbad, of which I had read a lot of positive reviews.  It was an overload of Ice Cream, Dry Fruits and Fresh Fruits topped off with Wafer Biscuits and a Cherry. However it was a bit to sweet for my liking so we decided to douse sweetness with a scoop of mildly sweet Ice Cream.

The best part of the evening was the service which was quick and servers were always attentive and polite.

Pros : Good Food and Ambiance, Spot on Service.

Cons : The large menu can be confusing.

  • Location : Thunga Village, Saki Vihar Road, Powai.

  • Cuisine : North Indian and Chinese.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1200 (approx)

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La Patisserie, The Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba.

As a Mumbaikar, the Taj Mahal Hotel is holds a very special place in our hearts and making a visit to the majestic hotel is surely on the top of everyone’s wishlist, even Michelin star restaurants may take a backseat compared to a restaurant inside the Taj.

La Patisserie, as the name suggests is a small restaurant on the ground floor of the Taj Palace that serves mouth-watering Desserts and Bakery Dishes. When you take your first steps inside and even before you think of eating, you are mesmerized by the unmatched beauty of this luxurious hotel.

On our visit to this place we tried out their Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Chocolate Florentine, Coffee Croissant  and few of their specialty Chocolates like Sea Salt and Truffles, all of which were delicious with the Chocolate Truffle Pastry being my favorite. However a few disappointments were that the dishes were served on paper plates and with plastic spoons, something that you wouldn’t expect from a restaurant in Mumbai’s top Hotel but the biggest disappointment is that this place shuts down at very early around 8.30 PM.

Pros : Good food and Amazing ambiance, pocket friendly rates compared to other restaurants here.

Cons : Shuts down quite early, less seating and dishes served on paper plates.

P.s : Do visit this place earlier in the day as we visited around closing time and most of their dishes were sold out for the day.

  • Location : Ground Floor, The Taj Mahal Palace, Appolo Bunder, Colaba.

  • Cuisine : Bakery and Desserts.

  • Cost for two : Rs.1200 (approx)

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Mahalaxmi

Good things are hard to find, this holds true especially in the case of Blue Tokai which is Cafe cum Roastery hidden deep inside the by-lanes near Shakti Mills in Mahalaxmi.

Even before you enter, you are greeted with strong aroma of coffee beans roasting which instantly puts you in the mood for a cup of coffee.On our visit we were lucky enough to witness the coffee roasting process. Being in a room filled with coffee beans is probably the adult version of a kid in a candy shop.

The cafe is located in the room next door, the ambiance is simple and elegant with wooden furniture and a blue ceiling. The menu too is just perfect with only a handful of Espresso and Black Coffee varieties and without the unnecessary hot chocolate, frappes, shakes etc that other Cafe’s serve to attract a larger audience. This place is Pure Coffee. We tried out their Cortado, Flat White and Cold Coffee, all of which were simply perfect. The best part being that the coffee is served at the right temperature rather than being piping hot.

Their Desserts served here are ordered from their partners, Le 15 Patisserie and Magazine Street Kitchen. We ordered the Almond and Chocolate Croissants, both of which we absolutely delicious. Fresh, flaky and with amazing fillings, it doesn’t get better than this. Service to was spot on. A must visit place for any and every coffee lover. Strongly Recommended.

Pros : Good food, ambiance and service, a perfect dining experience.

Cons : A bit difficult to get to this place without your own vehicle.

P.s : This cafe may not be very popular right now but if they keep up to the same quality of service I’m sure it will be of the best cafes in Mumbai in the next couple of years.

  • Location : Shakti Mills lane, Mahalaxmi.

  • Cuisine : Cafe

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.500 (approx)


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