The Best Place to have Asian Food in Dadar with your Family ?

Located right opposite the famous Sena Bhavan, China Bistro in Dadar has always been on my wish list to try out. The ambiance here is quite pleasant and the service is polite and friendly. However, it does seem rather formal where you would want to dine with your family rather than friends.


I visited this place for dinner and we began with a round of starters and went for the Conpoy Fish Bao and Prawns Har Gao DimSums. The Bao was light and fluffy and the fish filling was delicious! Even the Dimsums were filled with prawns, Perfect and worth trying out!

Impressed with their starters we went for some more, Sea Bass in Cumin BBQ Sauce, BBQ Skewered Prawns and Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken. What we didn’t expect were the size of the portions, they were huge! The Sea Bass was tender and flavorful, the prawns too were quite nice but the Mandarin Chicken was simply amazing, the best dish we had that day! Tender chicken with a spicy batter coating. Must try!

Filled with the unexpected portion sizes, we skipped mains and went for desserts. The staff suggested we try out something unique so we went for their Chocolate Tsunami and Guava Ice Cream. Chocolate Tsunami is basically a Chocolate Mousse topped off with Hot Chocolate Sauce, tastes good but not quite unique as I expected. The Guava Ice Cream on the other hand was supposed to be a scoop of Guava Ice Cream but turned out to be a Slice of Guava Kulfi with Chili Powder Sprinkled over it. While I like the combination of Guava and Chili, the creamy kulfi flavor spoiled the fun, but still quite nice.

The Cocktails we tried out were Insane Russians which was basically a Black Russian with Vodka and Kahlua, amazing as always! A Peach Bellini, mild and elegant. Irish Mellow, combination of Bailey’s and Bubble Gum Liqueur, not the best combination, I would prefer them separate, also the ice made the drink way to mild. The Mocktails I had were, Apple Basil Martini which was delicious, Apricot Orange Blossom – not a big fan of citrus and milk together and a Blue Berry Passion – a nice drink but a small issue with the glass it is served in, as the berries remain sunk like the Titanic at the bottom of the tall glass!

Overall the food here is amazing, the drinks could have been better and the service and ambiance make it a perfect place to dine with your family.

  • Location : Opposite Sena Bhavan, Shivaji Park, Dadar

  • Cuisine : Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

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Cafe Trofima, Dadar

Cafe Trofima may be a difficult name to remember, but my dining experience here was unforgettable. This is by far one of the best restaurant or cafe that I have ever visited.

This place is difficult to miss with it bright and welcoming signboard and warm yellow lights outside. The ambiance is absolutely beautiful and has a modern look to it. The service too is polite and friendly, though it may be slow at times, it was worth the wait every single time.

We began with Fish (Basa) and Prawns for starters and it heavenly, both were cooked to perfection, tender, juicy and spiced beautifully. Next we ordered a Rosemary Lamb Bao, the Bao was soft and meat tender and packed with flavor. Absolutely worth a try. We then went for their Fish and Chips which was even better, the Fish was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, even the french fries served with it were cooked perfectly.

Their Pepperoni and Goat Cheese Pizza looks amazing and tastes great too, it comes loaded with goat cheese, not a dish for those with small appetites. We also had the Blue Sea Lemony and Classic Mojito, both were good but a little less ice would havemade it perfect.


For mains we ordered a Pan Seared Lemon Cilantro Rawas, which was quite spicy, and comes with a Sweet Buttered Olive Potato Mash, perfect combination.


We also tried out their Ferrero Rocher Freak Shake which was sinfully delicious. We ended with a cup of Cappuccino and Darjeeling Tea. While the cappuccino was decent, the Darjeeling tea was amazing, very refreshing and worth a try.


Even though we were full, the staff insisted we tried out their desserts and hence we had a Chocolate Ganache and Baked Yogurt. Both had a lovely texture and were packed with flavor.

This place is just 3 months old and yet full on a Tuesday evening, the food is that amazing. Strongly Recommended Place to visit. Keep up the good work.

  • Location : Raja Bade Chowk, Shivaji Park, Dadar

  • Cuisine : Continental and Cafe

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.800 (approx)

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Mama Kane, Dadar

Over a hundred years old, this place is a must visit if you love Maharashtrian food. I visited this place a few days ago on a friend’s recommendation. It’s quite a nice place located amidst the bustling crowd right outside Dadar Station. The ambiance here is good and spacious compared to other Maharashtrian restaurants that I have visited.
We tried out their Aluvadi and Kothimbir Vadi, both of which were tasty, tender and served piping hot. To cool it down we ordered a Kokam and Lemon juice drink. Again refreshing and Delicious.The hygiene here was up to the mark and the service too was decent.

P.s : Their vada pav may be more expensive as compared to other restaurants but worth a try.

  • Location : Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West.

  • Cuisine : Maharashtrian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.200 (approx)

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Grandmama’s Cafe, Dadar

Walking into this place feels like walking into a fairy tale. The look and feel of this place is a pleasant deviation from the ordinary cafe ambiance we are used to.

It was the cafe’s popularity on Social Media that generated my interest in visiting this place. All over people were sharing their experience with this cafe, especially the ambiance.

One evening I finally decided to drop by for a quick coffee. Even before you enter the ambiance mesmerizes you and once you are inside, your mind goes into a trance. Everything around is just so beautiful, even the menu card.


I tried out the Affogato which is a Double Shot of Espresso served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and a Belgian Chocolate Shake. However unlike the ambiance there was nothing extraordinary about the drinks. They were quite average and if it were not for the pleasant trance my mind was in, I would have been quite disappointed.

Hence this place does stand as a case study of how amazing ambiance can overpower and cover up for average food and turn the restaurant into an instant success. A complete treat for the mind, you will leave this place with a smile.

Pros : Ambiance.

Cons : Food could have been better.

P.s : Would love to see more restaurants pay closer attention to their ambiance and service because its not just about the food but the entire dining experience.

  • Location : Pritam Estate, Dadar East.

  • Cuisine : Cafe, Italian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs. 700 (approx)

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