The Best Place to have Asian Food in Dadar with your Family ?

Located right opposite the famous Sena Bhavan, China Bistro in Dadar has always been on my wish list to try out. The ambiance here is quite pleasant and the service is polite and friendly. However, it does seem rather formal where you would want to dine with your family rather than friends.


I visited this place for dinner and we began with a round of starters and went for the Conpoy Fish Bao and Prawns Har Gao DimSums. The Bao was light and fluffy and the fish filling was delicious! Even the Dimsums were filled with prawns, Perfect and worth trying out!

Impressed with their starters we went for some more, Sea Bass in Cumin BBQ Sauce, BBQ Skewered Prawns and Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken. What we didn’t expect were the size of the portions, they were huge! The Sea Bass was tender and flavorful, the prawns too were quite nice but the Mandarin Chicken was simply amazing, the best dish we had that day! Tender chicken with a spicy batter coating. Must try!

Filled with the unexpected portion sizes, we skipped mains and went for desserts. The staff suggested we try out something unique so we went for their Chocolate Tsunami and Guava Ice Cream. Chocolate Tsunami is basically a Chocolate Mousse topped off with Hot Chocolate Sauce, tastes good but not quite unique as I expected. The Guava Ice Cream on the other hand was supposed to be a scoop of Guava Ice Cream but turned out to be a Slice of Guava Kulfi with Chili Powder Sprinkled over it. While I like the combination of Guava and Chili, the creamy kulfi flavor spoiled the fun, but still quite nice.

The Cocktails we tried out were Insane Russians which was basically a Black Russian with Vodka and Kahlua, amazing as always! A Peach Bellini, mild and elegant. Irish Mellow, combination of Bailey’s and Bubble Gum Liqueur, not the best combination, I would prefer them separate, also the ice made the drink way to mild. The Mocktails I had were, Apple Basil Martini which was delicious, Apricot Orange Blossom – not a big fan of citrus and milk together and a Blue Berry Passion – a nice drink but a small issue with the glass it is served in, as the berries remain sunk like the Titanic at the bottom of the tall glass!

Overall the food here is amazing, the drinks could have been better and the service and ambiance make it a perfect place to dine with your family.

  • Location : Opposite Sena Bhavan, Shivaji Park, Dadar

  • Cuisine : Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2000 (approx)

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Brewbot, Andheri

I may not be a big fan of beer but I do like trying out different flavors and styles of beer, speaking of which, I always wanted to visit Brewbot to try out their home-brewed beers.  I finally visited this place about a week ago for their Sunday Brunch Menu.


We started off with a round of their Assorted Mezze which was Hummus,  Pita bread, Cheese and Cold Cuts. It was light and delicious, most of all, a great accompaniment for their home-brewed beers.

Botwork Orange, Skywalker, Outcider, Floating Head, Mystery Pale Ale and Black Mamba, might seem reminiscent of old Hollywood movies but that’s what this microbrewery names its craft beer. While Black Mamba(stout) was my main attraction to this place, I ended up liking Outcider(apple cider) the most.

Just like their beer, the ambiance too seemed reminiscent of the past with its rustic look and music from the 80’s and 90’s, which was quite delightful.

For starters we had their Disco Fries, Cottage Cheese Phyllo rolls, Potato Bravas, Red Harissa and Peri Peri Chicken Skewers. The fries were my favorite of the lot, while I loved the taste of the Potato Bravas, it had way too much oil. The Chicken Skewers on the other hand were very average.

Next we tried out their Pizzas, which looked delicious but as they say, looks can be deceiving. the Green Day Pizza looked great, but  was quite bland. The Chupa Cabra was much better though.

Coming to mains, which was the best course of the day. We ordered Eggs Benedict, Veg Paprikash, Pan Seared Basa and Grilled Steak.  The Eggs were nice and light just like the Paprikash. The Basa was delicious and the Grilled Steak had a nice flavor to it but sadly it was chopped up and not served as a whole steak. The last dish we tried out was the best of all, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. It was so tender and delicious that wouldn’t mind coming back just to have this one dish.

For desserts we had Stout and Chocolate Brownie, Stout Chocolate Waffles and a few scoops of ice cream, all of which were quite disappointing.

Apart from beers, brewbot also serves a couple of alcohol infused smoothies and cocktails with their Sunday Brunch menu. While the smoothies are good, they didn’t have any taste of alcohol in them. Whereas the cocktails were phenomenal, some of the best I have ever had. Amazing flavor and packed with a punch. We tried out the Red Wedding, Crackberry, Peachy, White Russian, Ambitious and Whiskey Sour. All of which were amazing, Peachy and Red wedding were my favorites.

  • Location : Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Mediterranean, Italian, American and European.

  • Cost : Rs.2000 for 2 (approx)

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Delhi Highway, Sakinaka

I passed by this place a few months ago and ever since, Delhi Highway has always been on my “List of Restaurants to visit”. The ambiance here is beautiful and inviting. I finally visited last week with a few other friends and we all had a wonderful time. Just like the ambiance, the service here was good too.

Coming to the food, we began with a Litchi welcome drink that was nice and refreshing. Next began the flow of starters, Masala Papad was the first dish, the presentation was beautiful but the taste was quite average.

Next was a Tomato Basil Shorba Soup, it was quite spicy and something I would love to have on a cold winter night. Next was the Dahi Papdi Chaat, this was by far the best dish of the day, amazing blend of textures and flavors. Worth trying out.

Pani Puri/ Gol Gappa shots were next, while the presentation and concept looks amazing and eye-catching, it does have its flaws. The Spicy GolGappa Pani settles to the bottom of the glass almost instantly and we had to use the back side of a spoon to stir it. Another flaw is that if your puri has a hole, you are going to make a mess, as it was in my case. It does taste quite nice though.


Next we had the Naram Dil and Broccoli Pesto Kebabs, both were good. I however didn’t like the Tandoori stuffed Mushrooms, the texture was too chewy and jelly like. Lastly, we had a round of Dahi Sheek Kebabs which was quite interesting, tasted sweet and resembled a stuffed Panini.

I went for an Apple Mojito to cool down from all those spicy kebabs. It was very refreshing and much better than a regular Lemon-Mint Mojito. Do try it out.


Pasta served with Garlic naan was the next dish followed by Quesadillas stuffed with Rajma beans, both dishes were very heavy and we were almost done, but the main course and star of the evening was still remaining…

The the time it was served, we were too full to look at it. Even though I love thalis, after all the spicy starters, it tasted quite mild and average. I would have loved to have it as a separate meal rather than all together. It was too overwhelming.


Finally time for desserts, my favorite part, and Delhi Highway didn’t disappoint me. We had Delhi special Lassi, served in an earthen glass and Hot Jalebis served with lots of mouth-watering Rabdi. I was so happy I didn’t stuff myself with the Thali. The desserts here are amazing. Save some space for it.

Overall this place is quite nice, it was full even on a weekday evening, the food has its ups and downs but a good dinner service in all.

P.S : Being a non-vegetarian lover I may have been a bit harsh with the review, but my friends who were vegetarian did seem to like it more.

  • Location : Time Square, Sakinaka, Andheri (East).

  • Cuisine : North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1400 (approx)

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Bombay Barbeque, Khar

I visited this place for the first time on Sunday with my family for their Sunday Brunch Buffet. The layout was similar to that of BBQ Nation which I had visited previously. The ambiance will make you feel nostalgic with all the antiques hanging off the walls. We even had a small canoe right next to our table.

As we arrived before the kithen opened, we had to wait a while before the grill was set up. We began with a round of Chat, I tried out Pani Puri and Dahi Puri, both were quite nice and served Ice Cold. Then to the rest of their starters which in my opinion is the main attraction and star of their buffet, we began with skewers of Fish, Chicken and Prawns on the Tabletop Grill. The fish was my favorite of the three.

The staff also served Baked Potatoes in Cajun Sauce, Roasted Chicken Legs, Corn, Mutton Kebabs and even Pizza. While I wouldn’t recommend the pizza, the rest of them were good, especially their baked potatoes. Absolutely loved the Cajun Sauce.

We also tried out their Stir Fry counter, wherein you can select your choice of protein, either Fish, Mutton, Chicken, Seafood, Duck, Tofu, Mushrooms, etc and mix it with any of their sauces. I mixed duck, seafood, mutton and tofu with Plum Chili Sauce. While the Mutton and Seafood was good, the duck was bad, the meat was burnt and filled with tiny bones.

Coming to Main Course, which I didn’t have much of as I was saving space for dessert, I had the Mutton Rassa and Fish Curry. Both were well spiced and tender. I even tried some of their Mocktails, they were quite refreshing and packed with flavor.

Finally desserts, there was a wide variety to choose from and I tried to sample most of it. My favorites were Rasmalai, Firni and Gulab Jamun Pops, while the rest of the desserts too were nice, the Jalebi was not that great.

The staff here was quite friendly, they even sing and dance. Complete Entertainment and a very Memorable Dining Experience. Worth Visiting.

  • Location : Dr.Ambedkar Road Junction, Khar West.

  • Cuisine : Buffet, Asian, North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2200 (approx)

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