The Oriental Hub, Vashi

I visited The Oriental Hub last weekend for the launch of their new All Day Breakfast menu. Located right outside Inorbit Mall, it was not difficult to find. The ambiance is quite nice and cosy with a dim yellow lighting.


We began by trying out dishes from the new Breakfast menu and started off with an all time favorite – Kheema Pav, the Kheema Pav here is served with a twist, they use Pita Bread instead of the usual Bakery Pav.  Full marks for presentation and the Kheema was fresh and delicious too and went well with the mild flavor of the Pita Bread, but is it better than the usual Kheema and Pav ? Maybe not for me.


Next we tried out the Kheema Ghotala or Ghotala Pita Pav as they call it. Just as Kheema Ghotala is blended with egg, here it comes with a fried egg and Pita Bread. It did taste much better than the regular Kheema.


The Masala Cheese Pav was the next dish from the breakfast menu. Apparently it is a blend of flavors from four different cuisines but I could not taste it. Quite the average veg burger and my least favorite dish of the day. Though the presentation is absolutely beautiful, just like the rest of the dishes.


The last dish that I had from the Breakfast menu was their Scrambled Omelette, sounds almost like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it? The server tried to explain the dish but it was beyond my understanding. However, leaving aside the complicated names and explanation, the omelette had a very simple and subtle taste and was soft like custard from the inside. I totally loved this dish for its simplicity in flavor. My favorite from the new menu.


Next we tried a few dishes from their old Asian Menu. The Chicken and Prawn Momos were perfect, just the way Momos should be. Tender and Packed with flavor that does not over power the taste of chicken and prawn. The last dish was  Smoked Chicken in Red Chili, again flavored to perfection, spicy but not to spicy, crunchy from the outside while still tender on the inside. Worth trying out.

The Cocktails we ordered were the Acharioshka. Green Lantern, Oreo Magic Blast, Roman Punch, English Summer and Pan a la Lorenn, from which I tried out the Acharioshka, their Indian themed Caprioska with Pickle. Its sour and spicy and has a nice kick to it. It tastes good for a couple of sips, but I surely can’t have a whole glass of it. The Oreo Magic Blast was lovely, my favorite cocktail of the day.  I also tried out the Pan a la Lorenn, which is a blue colored paan and mint flavored drink. The first sip was quite refreshing, almost like having mint after a good meal but the after taste it had, was just terrible and nauseous. I finished off with a glass of wine that was lovely and that took care of the bad taste from the paan drink. Worth trying out.

Overall, the oriental hub seems to be a good place to hang out with friends or family, the food is quite good though the drinks could have been better. Coming to my take on the new breakfast menu, though the food is good, I feel that you are hitting the axe on your own foot when you try to complicate classic dishes. Breakfast is best when its simple. However, its worth trying out.

  • Location : Ground Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

  • Cuisine : Breakfast and Asian

  • Cost : Rs.1400 for 2 (approx)

The Oriental Hub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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