Grand Centre, Tardeo

My experience here had several ups and downs. I visited this place two nights ago with a friend for dinner. This place is located near Nana Chowk and August Kranti Maidan. It has a huge signboard outside which made it easy to spot, the ambiance here was warm and pleasant with dim yellow lighting. The restaurant was quite empty but it was an early Wednesday evening.

Being seafood lovers, we began with a round of Burnt Garlic Soup with Mixed Seafood which was delicious and spicy, a good start. Next we had their Kung Pao Fish which was amazing and my favorite dish of the evening. Worth a try if you visit this place.

Impressed by their Seafood dishes we had Prawns in Hot Perry Sauce next, which was good too and very spicy. However the next couple of dishes we ordered were not available, like the dimsums and the entire row of lamb dishes which was a big disappointment, I would strongly recommend the management to strike off whatever you don’t serve.

We finally decided to go with the Chicken Cheese Kebabs and Nasheeli Prawns. The Chicken Kebabs were nice and juicy with a sweet taste from the cheese, however the prawns dish was just sad, right from the way it was presented down to the texture and taste. The chutney served along with it was nice and spicy.

To wash down the spice we went for a round of cocktails, we ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and a Black Russian, but sadly they were out of Kahlua so we settled for a Pinacolada instead. Both the drinks were decent, the Pinacolada would be my preferred choice out of the two.

For main course we decided to try out their Continental dishes but the entire section was unavailable so we ordered Steamed Fish in Chili Lemon Sauce and Chicken Burnt Garlic Rice. Though it took a good half hour to arrive, the dish was great, the steamed fish was absolutely delicious and tender, the taste of lime was a bit to strong and it kept getting stronger. The rice too was delicious and spicy with juicy chunks of chicken.

Finally for desserts we decided to go for their Black Magic and a Caramel Custard, and not to my surprise, they were out of caramel custard and we went for the Gulab Jamun instead which was just amazing. The black magic however was not so magical, it was Chocolate sponge cake with layers of Vanilla ice cream in the middle. While the flavors were good and complimented each other, the texture of the sponge cake was ruined probably because the cake seemed like it was frozen to avoid the ice cream from melting.

Lastly the service, while the waiters were very friendly and polite, the speed at which the dishes showed up was quite poor. A good meal overall and a decent place to try out.

  • Location : AK Marg, Tardeo.

  • Cuisine : North Indian,  Chinese and Continental

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

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