Light House Cafe, Khar

My Experience at Light House Cafe is the  closest I have ever come to feeling like Adam Richman and the Man v/s Food Challenge. I visited this place a couple of days ago to try out their Oktoberfest Special XXXL menu. The size of the portions on this menu are not just big, they are enormous.

The Ambiance –
Light House Cafe does live up to its name, this beautiful and rustic place is covered with light bulbs of all shapes and sizes. It’s sure to make you feel like you have back in time. Speaking of which, the DJ played Classic English Hits from the 80’s and 90’s all through the night, an absolute treat, especially after a drink or two..or three..

The Service –
The staff too was very helpful and polite, they helped us select our dishes and  drinks and had some good recommendations. The service speed was quite good too.

The Food –
We began with an order of sliders, first a slab of twelve consisting of Capotana Between Breads, If PBM was English,  Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai, Texas Cowboy, Aatanki, Chicken Ham and Mushroom, I Love Pepperoni and later 4 sliders of You Know Who. Yes we pretty much tried out everything. The You Know Who was our favorite, the flavor of the beef was spot on, though it was a bit chewy. Overall we loved the non vegetarian ones much than the veg ones.

Next we went for their Pizza, A monstrous, 19 inch, XXXL Size pizza, as big as the table itself. We had it custom-made with each slice having different toppings. They were I Roasted A Chicken, There Had To Be Some Mexican, Classic Pepperoni and Please Add Some Seafood. The seafood one was our absolute favorite dish of the day, even the other ones were very good. We also ordered a small (but still quite big) veg pizza with toppings of I’m Dope and Paneer Bhurjiwala. They were good too but i proffered the non vegetarian ones much more.

The Drinks –
At light house cafe, not only the food but also drinks are huge. We had a Coffee and Violin which was a giant 1.5 litre blend of Chocolate, Coffee, Bailey’s Irish and A can of Murphy’s Irish Stout dunked upside down into it. Sounds almost too good to be true, it was one of the best cocktails I have ever had. Almost full from all the food we still decided to go for another round of drinks and the staff was kind enough to serve us smaller quantities as we didn’t want any to go waste. After all we were just two people who almost had the entire menu. We had a Long Island Ice Tea and a Sangria, I loved the Sangria but the LIIT had too much lemon and less coke, however it was still quite nice.

Coming to desserts, we had the Rolled Up for Tripping, which is a Chocolate and Hazelnut flavored Swiss roll. Mildly flavored, soft, tender and delicious.

An amazing night altogether, good food and even better cocktails, strongly recommended to try this place out.

  • Location : 3rd Road, Khar West.

  • Cuisine : Continental, Italian, Thai and Mexican

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 1600 (approx)

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