Bombay Barbeque, Khar

I visited this place for the first time on Sunday with my family for their Sunday Brunch Buffet. The layout was similar to that of BBQ Nation which I had visited previously. The ambiance will make you feel nostalgic with all the antiques hanging off the walls. We even had a small canoe right next to our table.

As we arrived before the kithen opened, we had to wait a while before the grill was set up. We began with a round of Chat, I tried out Pani Puri and Dahi Puri, both were quite nice and served Ice Cold. Then to the rest of their starters which in my opinion is the main attraction and star of their buffet, we began with skewers of Fish, Chicken and Prawns on the Tabletop Grill. The fish was my favorite of the three.

The staff also served Baked Potatoes in Cajun Sauce, Roasted Chicken Legs, Corn, Mutton Kebabs and even Pizza. While I wouldn’t recommend the pizza, the rest of them were good, especially their baked potatoes. Absolutely loved the Cajun Sauce.

We also tried out their Stir Fry counter, wherein you can select your choice of protein, either Fish, Mutton, Chicken, Seafood, Duck, Tofu, Mushrooms, etc and mix it with any of their sauces. I mixed duck, seafood, mutton and tofu with Plum Chili Sauce. While the Mutton and Seafood was good, the duck was bad, the meat was burnt and filled with tiny bones.

Coming to Main Course, which I didn’t have much of as I was saving space for dessert, I had the Mutton Rassa and Fish Curry. Both were well spiced and tender. I even tried some of their Mocktails, they were quite refreshing and packed with flavor.

Finally desserts, there was a wide variety to choose from and I tried to sample most of it. My favorites were Rasmalai, Firni and Gulab Jamun Pops, while the rest of the desserts too were nice, the Jalebi was not that great.

The staff here was quite friendly, they even sing and dance. Complete Entertainment and a very Memorable Dining Experience. Worth Visiting.

  • Location : Dr.Ambedkar Road Junction, Khar West.

  • Cuisine : Buffet, Asian, North Indian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.2200 (approx)

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