The American Joint, BKC

The Capital, at BKC is home to many amazing restaurants like Capital Social, The good Wife, Starbucks, Dishkiyaaon, etc. The American Joint is a 4 month old restaurant located on the first floor of The Capital at BKC. With many amazing restaurants in the same building, my expectations were quite high.


The ambiance here neat and clean, similar to what you would find at a Cafe. The service too was rather laid back and relaxed again resembling service that you would find in a Cafe rather than a restaurant.

What I liked most about this restaurant is the ordering system, wherein you place you order on a tablet. The application is very user friendly with a a simple layout. However, the photographs used could be a little better.

Coming to the food, we began with a Watermelon Lime Spritzer and a Nutella Cold, both were excellent and it raised my hopes for the dishes to follow. Sadly, it was a road downhill from here. Next we decided to try out their waffles, the Oreo Cookie Crumble Waffle and the Spread Nutella Waffle. While the toppings and flavors were delicious, the dough of the waffle was tough and chewy.


Next we tried out their San Francisco Garlic Fries, again amazingly flavored with Parmesan Cheese and Chopped Garlic, but the fries were not cooked right. The Corn Fritters which we tried next was my least favorite dish of the day, it had a nice crisp outer coating but it was not cooked in the middle which made it inedible, also the flavor seemed a bit off.

We also ordered sides of their Spicy Mayonnaise and Queso Cheese Sauce, both were delicious and worth trying out. We later washed it down with glasses of Lemon Ice Tea and Lemonade.

For mains we ordered a Chili Cheese Burger and Tomato Basil Soup. The burger patty too had the same cooking issue, but the cream cheese was absolutely delicious with a kick of green chili. The Tomato Basil soup was the best dish of the day with its mild flavor.

Time for desserts, we had a Ferrero Nutella mousse which was decent and a Coffee with donuts, which was disappointing because it was not coffee but more of a dipping sauce, not something that I could drink and the donuts were sugar coated dough balls which again were under cooked from the inside.

Pros : Clean ambiance, pocket friendly,  interesting ordering app, amazing flavors.

Cons : Serious flaw in the cooking procedure, especially for their deep fried food, which is usually caused if the food is dipped into cold oil and then heated up.

P.s : You guys have an amazing place, great concept and lovely flavors, a fix in the cooking method will surely put your place on the map.

  • Location : 1st Floor, The Capital, BKC.

  • Cuisine : Indo – Western Fusion, Organic, Jain.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.1000 (approx)

The American Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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