Peninsula Next, Sion

Located right next to the first Peninsula  restaurant opposite PVR/Cinemax, Peninsula Next is a Vegetarian Fine Dine Restaurant and after visiting the other two Peninsula restaurants in Sion, Peninsula Next was the last on my list.

The restaurant is huge and the ambiance here is beautiful, much better than the other two. They even have a Silver Cow next to the reception to greet you.

On our visit, we began with ordering starters from their various cuisines, a Mexican starter – Hash Corn Vegetables, Indian – Firangi Paneer Tikka and a Chinese starter – Dragon Fang Paneer.
The Hash Corn Vegetables is a light dish that is a blend of sweet and spicy sauce over diced vegetables and two veg patties.


The Firangi Paneer Tikka is a heavier dish with huge chunks of  Paneer coated with Cheese and layered between Tomatoes, Onions and Capsicum.


While the Dragon Fang Paneer had chunks of paneer with a crispy fried noodle like coating, served with an absolutely amazing Plum Chili Sauce. All three were delicious and worth trying out.


We washed away all those amazing spices with glasses of Peach Ice Tea, a Pineapple Colada, Mojito and their specialty, a Green Envy, which is a blend of guava and other juices.

After the starters raised the bar for the evening, we went for their French Onion Soup and had high expectations from it. The soup is a rich creamy blend of Caramelized Onions and Spices with Crispy Cheese Croutons, absolutely delicious and one of the best soups I have ever had. Strongly Recommended.

As expectations raised higher with the soup, we went for their Spicy Red Thai Curry for our main course. And to our delight, it was just perfect. Creamy, Spicy and Delicious. Even the pieces of Paneer in the curry were tender. Another strongly recommended dish.

Finally it was time my favorite part of the meal, desserts! With expectations higher than ever we decided to try out their Chocolate Valley and Kulfi Radbi Falooda. Sadly they didn’t match the level set by the previous dishes. The Chocolate Valley has a scoop of chocolate Ice Cream over a scoop of Chocolate mousse, while the Ice Cream was nice, the mousse was a little tough. The Kulfi Rabdi Falooda was nice too, but I could not distinguish between the Kulfi and the Rabdi as it was either melted or blended together.

Overall, my dinner here was delightful, the food is absolutely amazing and the service and ambiance is good too. Being a hardcore non vegetarian, not once did I miss or think about it. Looks like I clearly saved the best Peninsula for last. While this place may be heavy on your wallet, it’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Location : Opposite PVR Cinema, Sion.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 2000 (approx)

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