Central Peninsula, Sion

Central Peninsula is like a crossover between a Fine Dine and a Fast Food Restaurant. After visiting the older Peninsula restaurant that’s just a few blocks away, Central Peninsula was next on my dine list. Located bang on Sion Circle, this place is easy to spot, especially with its large neon sign.

The ambiance here maybe slightly smaller than the other peninsula restaurant, but is still quite nice and has a warm feel to it. The staff here, including the watchmen are very polite its always a perfect start to a meal when u are greeted as soon as you enter.

Being the stereotypical hardcore non-vegetarian that I am, eating veg food usually includes a lot of Paneer dishes and likely so we began with round of Paneer starters. Paneer Chili Dry, Pan Fried Paneer, Paneer Coriander and just for some change we tried a Mushroom Tikka.

All the Paneer Dishes were amazing, mainly because the Paneer was soft and fresh. The Paneer Chili was my favorite since it not only had the best flavor but also the crisp coating of batter around the soft tender Paneer was a perfect combination. Strongly recommend.


Quite full from all the Paneer we decided to stay away from it for the main course. So what does a non-vegetarian order when Paneer is off the list? Triple Schezwan off course. Confused by the wide variety of dishes we went for the familiar and all time favorite Triple Schezwan which was good but no matter what, Chinese food always tastes best at a roadside tapri. Would recommend trying out their Indian dishes instead.


We also tried out a couple of their Mocktails, the Green Island and the Peninsula Special Mocktail both were a bit too sweet for our liking.

And for my favorite part, desserts, we ordered a Sizzling Brownie and Parafruit, that was recommended by the staff. The Brownie good but could have been better, similarly for the Parafruit, which is a combination of three different flavors of ice cream with slices of fresh apple and wafer biscuit topped with a cherry.

Pros : Good food, good ambiance and amazing service, quick and polite.

Cons : Few dishes could have been better, the desserts and drinks that we had were too sweet.

P.s : Peninsula Next, you’re next!

  • Location : Sion Circle, Near Sion Station.

  • Cuisine : North Indian, South Indian and Chinese

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.600 (approx)

Central Peninsula Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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