5 Spice, Fort

Do you love Chinese food and large quantities of food at good value for money?, then 5 Spice is a dream come true! I have visited this particular outlet a couple of times and had similar experiences. If you visit this place around lunch time make sure you are ready to wait in line.

The dining room is divided into two the Non-Ac one is quite small and stuffy, but the Air Conditioned half is more comfortable. The ambiance is good, but not as great compared to their Sakinaka outlet which i prefer visiting. Service on average is quite slow.

The food, very similar to other outlets, absolutely love their massive quantities and amazing flavor. However, most of the main courses taste quite similar and is difficult to distinguish between. The dish i loved most here was the Kung Pao Potatoes, absolutely amazing dish. And the various chutneys does help bring all that food alive. Other dishes worth trying out are Peking Rice, Nanking Rice, Thai Pot Rice and Crispy Hunan Rice.

One serious problem with the food though is the amount of oil in their main course. You start off your meal with great excitement but sooner or later the food gets cold and the oil gets to you and you can’t continue eating.

Saving the best for last …The Desserts! The have an amazing array of desserts, absolutely loved their Rocky Road Sundae, Mission Impossible and Death by Chocolate. Worth a try!


Death by Chocolate

Pros : Ginormous quantity, great taste, good value for money, amazing desserts

Cons : Average service and ambiance, similar tasting food, long wait for getting a table and the biggest of all..oil.

P.s : Would be amazing if they included their chutneys with takeaways, it does not taste the same without them.

  • Location : Perin Nariman Street, Fort.

  • Cuisine : Chinese/Asian

  • Cost for 2 : Rs 800 (approx)

5 Spice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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