Howra, Breach Candy

If you name your flagship dish after one of the best movies ever made, you have to make sure it lives up to the reputation and expectation.”The Godfather Burger” was the main reason for this place to be on my wish list.

Finally when i visited this place, we went straight for their so-called “Titan” burgers and ordered the “Big Daddy” and “The Godfather.” I remember the moment the “Big Daddy” burger arrived, it just filled me with excitement, it was the biggest burger I had ever e. But then came “The Godfather” with three large mutton patties, it was almost the size of my head.

The burgers were cooked well and had amazing flavors. Sadly it had way too many flavors which kind of ruined the overall taste. Individually the buns are soft and sweet, the onions were beautifully caramelized and cheese and mayonnaise were just perfect. But all together in such a large burger it was just a mess of flavors.

The Big Daddy Burger


The Godfather Burger


Size difference

Along with the burgers we also ordered onion rings and deep-fried oreos, the oreos very amazing but the onion rings were just soaked in oil and tasted like oil.

The ambiance is quite average but the service is good. Definitely a place worth a visit for burger lovers.

Pros : Lives up to the expectation of serving ginormous burgers, good fresh ingredients.

Cons : The wide range of flavors can confuse your taste buds, the oil can make you feel full with just a few bites, not the healthiest food option for those watching their weight and calories.

P.s : Order too many dishes and you will end up with takeaways.


  • Location : Mafco Warden Road,Breach Candy, Mumbai.

  • American : Burgers, Sandwiches and Quick Bites.

  • Cost for 2 : Rs.800 (approx)

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